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Review: New year, New Skincare offerings from Bramley Cosmetics

Brand: Bramley Cosmetics Products:  3-in-1 Even tone mask (R25.99) Even tone Face Care Lotion (R16.99) Availability: Selected Pep stores nationwide (Z.A) Bramley even tone 3-in-1 mask claims: Bramley Cosmetics and toiletries has decided to extend its product line following its huge success, when it came to their even tone skincare range and now introduces a 3-in-1 even tone mask. The product claims to deeply cleanse the skin, fight blemishes and control shine all whilst promoting even skin tone.  Its said to be a multi - purpose product which acts as a facial cleanser, exfoliator and mask. As a cleanser, it gently removes dirt, make up and pollution.  Packed with apricot seeds, it aims to exfoliate the skin, removing dead and flaky skin.  After regular use the skin appears firmer and more toned.  Kaolin clay, a non-comedogenic it has the ability to clear skin and absorb excess sebum without stripping the skin of its natural oils.  Calming properties include soothing of irratated and …

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