Ava Secrets Luxurious Sanitary products

I must start out this post by admitting that I am not new to the Ava Secrets brand as I have in the past received a sample tin in some or other goodiebag when I did some kind of bigwalk. I dont remember much of just how effective the Ava Secrets tampons were that time. Hence, I will in this post only describe to my readers the products that Ava Secrets has available and then update my post regarding my findings on each product at a later stage.

Brand: Ava Secrets
Products: Tampon Tins, Tampons 10 & 16`s, Sanitary Pads and Panty Liners
Availability: Pharmacies and Supermarkets
Claims: Products are chlorine-free and made of superior quality cotton with a high absorbancy rate for utmost protection during your period.

Tampon Tins
Let me start out by saying I absolutely love the beautiful tins from Ava Secrets. It has beautiful prints on it and the metallic finishes makes the product seem just a step up compared to competitors. Prints on the tins reminds me of a goddess so imagine the bpost you will get showing off your tin to friends, im sure they would also want one immediately. Tins are compact in size and I feel every lady and young woman should own at least one just to keep our secret when its that time of the month! :-)  Ava Secrets tampon tins comes with 8 tampons in each tin and are available in mini, regular and super.

Tampons 10 & 16`s
All Ava Secrets tampons 10 & 16`s come in mini, regular and super to suit evry woman's individual needs when it comes to protection during that time of the month.  Smooth and compact in size Ava Secrets tampons is designed to make you feel comfortable and at your best whilst providing the desired protection.

Sanitary Pads
Sanitary Pads are made of breathable cotton, with a high absorbency.  Pads also come in scented and not scented so a variety is available as per each customer's need.  For me, I dont love scented products as it might be overperfumed which could lead to irritation like itching or bad smells.

Panty Liners
Panty Liners are available in scented and regular varieties. Each pack consists of 20 pantiliners and is really lightweight and still very luxurious as per the rest of the range.

Overall and First Impressions: I love the freshness Ava Secrets products possesses compared to the other available sanitary products. The lovely bright colors and packaging envokes excitement and immediately makes one forget about something called `period`.
Tins are especially beautiful and makes carrying tampons in your handbag so much more bearable and easy.  Luxurious is what comes to mind when I look at Ava Secet sanitary products and I definitely cannot wait to give every product in the range a go. So dtay tuned! :-)


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