Basic Steps to reach your Goals in 2017!

With January being the first new month of 2017, its a good time to set new goals. Half the time we set goals, and fail in reaching them because half the time the goals aren't realistic and no plan of action exists in how the goals are to be reached/met.  Below, i'll detail a few short pointers in how to reach your goals this year and hopefully at the end of 2017 we can all tick a few of those goals off our to-do lists`.  😎
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1.  Choose your goals wisely
When you choose a meaningful goal, you will be willing to work harder to achieve it.  So don't just choose goals, for the sake of choosing goals.  When choosing a goal ask yourself the following;
What new skill will I learn from choosing this goal?
What matters to me most, and could it be improved?
Always choose a goal, that can be measured with regards to progress.  Can you track any progress and how will you know if you have reached your goal?

2.  Choose Positive Goals
I.g: When you want to lose some weight, don't think of it as I want to lose 5 kg`s.  Think of it as, if I lose 5 kg`s i'll be able to fit into my favorite pair of jeans again.  So think of what you will gain instead of what you will lose if you don't reach your goal.

3.  Always write your Goals down
Writing down your goals will serve as reminders to you, which will in turn hold you accountable, to make some progress in terms of accomplishing each goal.  So it`s a definite good idea to write down your goals especially where you can see it everyday!

4.  Action Plan
A good way to plan out your goals one by one, is to break them down into smaller manageable portions, you can even add benchmarks where you can reward yourself by slowing making progress, until finally you reach your goal.

5.  Rewarding yourself is important
Rewarding yourself once you have accomplished your goal, is important and it could even serve as a powerful motivator.  And always remember setbacks are common, when trying to achieve a goal. Use any setbacks as reminders of why the goal is worth accomplishing.  When you are using valuable resources such as time and energy to achieve a goal, you are bettering your own self worth.  In other words, you are using the best capable resources you have available to better yourself and be the best version of You, you could ever possibly be at that time.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post, and I do hope all your 2017 Goals are reached and met! 😊


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