Tuesday, 13 June 2017

You want this Pillow Slip!! - Introducing the Dear Deer Anti-Aging Pillow Slip

Dear Deer has some really awesome Satin Pillow Slips, which are made of Polyester materials that won't absorb moisture like naturals fibres like cotton would do. Moisture is needed to prevent our skin from forming and producing wrinkles, so the more moisture you have the less wrinkles you will have. The Satin Pillow comes in a range of colours to suit everyone`s individual needs.  Plus this stretchy Satin will stretch out to create a smooth surface when sleeping, which in turn won't leave you with unsightly pillow lines on your face when you wake up. Colours include: White, Black, Vanilla, Rose and Stone

Price: The Recommended Retail price is R170
Size: Standard size 45 X 70cm Slip

Why you might ask Satin and not Silk?
Dear Deer is against animal cruelty, and the thought of some few thousand silk worms need to be killed in order to just produce one pillow slip is just unacceptable.

Reasons why you should be the owner of a Dear Deer Satin Pillow Slip:
For us naturals; it prevents dry, frizzy hair
It prevents pre-mature facial anti-aging
Its hypoallergenic
It won't absorb your face creams, so your night cream will last longer
Minimises wrinkles and facial puffiness

Spa and Hotel Managers who want to have their Pillow Slips customised and personalised, with their very own logo can do so, how cool is that.

For more information on Dear Deer Satin Pillow Slips contact:
Proudly Distributed by BELLA ME
021 465 8569 / hello@bellame.co.za

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