New from Avon South Africa

Since winter is around the corner, and cold weather seem to be biting at us already, I figured I would go for bright nail colours to warm things up a little. The two featured nail colors below are from Avons Colortrend range, and is juicy (left) and blue sky (right). Together, I can mix and match and come up with quite a few trending designs and my nails would be having the time of its life.

The purse sprays are both new, and convenient to carry all over. Far away infinity is rather sweet and not really in my taste, whilst attraction is more fresh and my favorite of the two.

Lastly, this blackberry and vanilla spritz is life! I use it all over my place from my body to my linen/curtains/clothing. Its a multitasking winner and a must have plus it smells really, really lovely.


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