What Im All About

What I'm All About:
I am known by my first name, Nadine, but I go by a range of nick names, some known to the public and others not. Amongst those are nanna, nay, and nicky.. But thats enough on my nick names. I started my blog a few years ago, and since then the following has really grown. So I have decided to just push on with it. I love all,that involves natural hair care, makeup, new beauty trends, fashion, coffee, travelling, home products and styling and also keeping healthy. 

Born in January, my birthday falls on the very last day the 31st and yes, I have had my crown birthday already, so now you can image how old I am.
Height: I am more on the tallish than shortish side ;-)
Shoe Size: 5/6
Tattoos: Yes, 3 for now!
Colour: I love navy, but also pink, purple and orange
Lives in: Cape Town (South Africa) - Elsies River
Languages: English/Afrikaans
Siblings:I have a twin brother -yay for me I am that lucky.
Right-Handed but I try writing with my left hand at times ;-)
Relationship: Yes, and officially engaged! Wedding planning #loading
Optimist or Realist: Realist
Car: Corsa Lite (call her my scoobie)
Race: Coloured
Exercise: Walking and Aerobics at times and I try running but I have thus far not been so successful 
Education: Post Graduate Business Student 
Degrees: B.Com Finance/B. Com Honors Management *UWC
Camping yes or no: Definite Yes and in a Tent!  ;-)


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