Update After 4 weeks: Justine Tissue Oil for Face and Body

So finally, its been four weeks of using the Justine Tissue oil on my marks and I must say I am impressed with the results. The marks on my knees have not dissapeared but its gone lighter and seems to be less visible than what it was initially. See pics below for details.

Likes - Justine Tissue Oil:
Smells Lovely
Quick absorbing
Leaves skin soft and smooth
Lightened marks on knees
Easily available online to purchase
Smooth texture
Beautiful packaging
Do not require much of the product to work on marks
Non greasy tissue oil
Safe to use in bath water as a moisturiser

Dislikes - Justine Tissue Oil:
Have to apply tissue oil twice daily to see results
Some people might find the smell too much/overwhelming

So you might be wondering what makes Justine - South Africa Tissue oil for Face and Body so great amongst other things it contains, Vitamin E, Castor oil and sweet almond oil (which provides protection again sun damage, fights signs of aging and nourishes dry skin). I suffer from sensitive skin, which often leads to dry patches, or redness, from irritation. Justine tissue oil is working on my scars I've gained in my childhood. I've been using it for the past 2 weeks now, and been applying it mornings and evenings. I cant wait to see what my knees will look like after four weeks of using this gem of a product. P.S: I`ve even been using it in my bath water, as a bath oil and it not only smells lovely, but it moisturises my skin - here`s to summer ready skin that glows! 🙌🙋‍♀️😍

Overall thoughts: The Justine Tissue oil works well for marks and stretch marks. I would definitely purchase this tissue oil for myself, friends or family members as I know it works, and its a value for money kind of product. The product is easily available to purchase on the Justine South Africa website, and its a product you don`t need too much of, so one bottle will really go a long way and last for a good amount of time. My overall rating is a 4.9/5.  

*Please note: this is a sponsored product post by Rubybox and Justine South Africa


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