Cute Nail Art Ideas
23 July 2015
Since this weekend is approaching fast, why not try out one of these super cute but easy nail art designs.  I am having my cousin over this weekend, so us girls are sure to give it a go! Will post some pics in next week! ;-)
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Fathers Day: DIY
17 June 2015
Father’s day is approaching really fast.  And although I don't have my dad with me anymore, I’m sure you all could do with some DIY inspiration to show your dads` just how special he is to you!
Idea 1: If your dad is South African he probably loves to braai, so why not create a spice stack to gift, for those braai days. Remember, you can mix up the spices to either cater for braai-meats or fish, or do them separately. 
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Idea 2: The next idea is pretty easy.  Cut out the letters which make up dad (D A D) separately, and colour as per your preference, with paint or glitter or ink, etc.  Place photo`s in-between the letters of yourself, your dad and maybe your family.  So cute, dad could even take this one to work and place it on his desk.
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Idea 3: Something to nibble on.  This is what the last idea is about.  Fill up a jar with your dad`s favourite treat, this could be nuts, which is the healthier option, biltong, or even jellybeans, and simply scribble a note on the sticker of the jar for your dad.  Like I’m `nuts about you dad` ;-)
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Hope these ideas make your Father’s day DIY easy.  Enjoy your time with your dads on Sunday!


DIY: French Braid hairstyle
Now ladies, if you cant braid your own hair, or if you cant find anyone to do it for you, why not Twist your hair in the same way! Less than 5 minute hairstyle! Yay ;-) 
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3 Easy DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas!
With Mothers Day approaching speedily the 10th of May, 2015 I thought I would provide my readers with 3 quick and easy gift ideas which wouldn't empty anyone`s pockets out while getting them done!
Idea 1: This one is relatively easy to pull off, and if your mom is anything like mine, who loves flowers, she would love this gift!  Take a jar, and wrap it once with wrapping paper.  Glue on your favourite photo of your mom and yourself! And that's it, you done, don't forget to place fresh flowers in the jar now! ;-)
Idea 2: I love his board and photo with a quote idea.  Get a plain wooden board (it doesn't need to be new).  Copy this quote and glue onto board alongside, pictures of yourself your mom and your siblings!  ;-)


Idea 3: The last idea is simple! Write out 365 messages for your mom and place them in a jar/box etc.  Your mom could read a feel-good message each day of the year and be reminded of your love constantly.
And there you go.  Hope this helps you all in deciding what to get/do for your mom, when it comes to this years` Mothers Day!

Two easy Hairstyles for Long and Short to Medium Hair
I have always wondered how one makes to get a huge bow on top of your head, using your own hair or if you anything like me, your clipins`...shhhh.. lol ;-)
Here is an easy to do tutorial showing you step by step how to get your bow on!
Below, I also have a cute hairstyle for ladies with shorter hair, how easy is this! ;-)  
You need: A hairtye, and some bobby pins, maybe some hairspray to secure your style!
 Easy peasy, just twist your hair in opposite directions and use bobby pins to secure your twists!

With Winter approaching us straight on, I thought I would give you all some pointers on how to keep your skin looking its absolute best!

DIY Easter made Easy!

So thinking of what I could do for Easter regarding me handing over my treats to friends and family, I thought it would be great to post some inspiration.

So for the first idea, why not pop some sweets, cookies, marshmallows into a jar, and name it by placing a cute sticker on it! I absolutely adore this cause it makes Easter gift giving so much more personal!

Here are some examples:
This is real fun, cause there are no limitations, add to the jar whatever you like! ;-)
If having an Easter Party is on your to-do list over this period, then I think the following very easy DIY, door hanger is such an awesome idea!
Cut a bunny out of Hard Cardboard and glue buttons onto it, decorate with ribbons and glitter and there you go!
If you really into being creative, you can bake easy Easter cookies, and decorate them any way you like!
*And there you go, hope this gives you all some inspiration on getting ready to celebrate Easter!
Saving made Easy!!
To start off this feature, I decided to let you all in on what I saw recently on an internet article and gave it some more thought.  I've been chucking money into an old chocolate container at home for the past 2 months and its grown.  However, I came across an article online that had a similar table as mine and I decided to give it a go.  Using one of my old Rubybox`s yes, to recycling!! I then basically just copied the template, pasted it onto my old Rubybox and yes because this Rubybox has a unique hole in it, no need to make one.  Please see pictures for more detail and feel free to copy the template if you too want to start saving.  In total for all 52 weeks the total amount would come to about R1300 +/-
Please note, because I had not started saving at a specific week I never completed and filled in the dates, this should be done on a weekly basis and Ill try and keep to it this time around ;-) 
For Rubybox:


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