Review: Bramley Tissue Oils

Brand: Bramley Cosmetics
Product: Tissue Oils
Consistency: Oil
Availability: Pep Stores Nationwide
Size: 100ml
Price: R19.99
Firstly, I should let my readers know that I absolutely love and adore the entire Magnolia range from Bramley Cosmetics. 😁I have tried almost everything from the Magnolia range and the quality and affordability is just amazing; never mind the gorgeous smell that comes with the Magnolia products. All Bramley Cosmetic products are available from Pep Stores Nationwide at really affordable prices. The range`s variants available are Cocoa heaven, Magnolia, Lavender and Pink Blossom. Products include tissue oils, body creams, powders and even bubble baths.
To describe every variant a little more clearer, I`ve included an idea of what each variant represents below:
Magnolia: this tissue oil is rich, heady and has a feminine fragrance
Lavender: is more herb like, and brings about a feeling of calmness and tranquillity
Cocoa Heaven: is a warm fragranced tissue oil, to both uplift and calm one's senses
Pink Blossom: User who enjoy the fragrance of flowers would enjoy this modern, delicate tissue oil

Why you should use these Tissue Oils? Simple..
All of the Bramley Tissue Oils are enriched with Bio Pharm Oil which contains ceramides. What are ceramides you might ask? 😕Ceramides are meants to capture and bind water, which in turn will keep your skin's moisture locked in, making it soft and smooth.

How I use the Magnolia and Lavender Tissue Oils at home:
Purchasing these Bramley Products from Pep is a definite must for all ladies and Gents, yes Gents! Your skin also needs the goodness these amazing products have to offer. I use the tissue oils in my bath, just add a few drops to your bath water, and your skin will be left smooth and soft. Also, the tissue oils will bring about the most loveliest aromas in your bathroom. Just trust me already. Another way of using the Bramley tissue oil is by always rubbing it onto my cuticles, which makes my hands and nails look ten times better, because who wants dry skin anyway! I also use the tissue oil at night to soften my heels as part of my pedi routine. I would wash and scrub my feet and then apply the tissue oil and go sleep with socks on. That way my feet are left soft and shiney in the morning. Another way to use the oil is by adding a few drops onto your face before you do your makeup routine, as a facial oil.

In Conclusion: For me, these tissue oils are a must. Your budget won't be damaged after purchasing them, infact its so affordable you can even get more than one when purchasing it at your nearest Pep. The goodness of Bio Pharm oil and Ceramides will leave your skin soft, and smooth ensuring that all the moisture and goodness is locked into your skin. And lastly, these Tissue oils can be used for multiple uses such as in your batch water, as a facial oil and even to bring some relief to dry, cracked heels. This product gets my 4.8/ 5


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