Review: Afri-berry Moroccan Gold Argan oil

Product: Morrocan Gold Argan Oil
Brand: Afriberry
Uses:skin, body, hair
Availability: see for stockists, Pick n Pay Stores nationwide, see below
Price: retails between R150-R300 depending  on size

Product Description:
100% cold pressed Argan Oil. Argan Oil is used to nourish dry flakey skin and I also use it on my hair as a sealant to seal in moisrure, locking in all its goodness.

First impression: I cannot stress how much I love the design of Afri-berry Moroccan Argan Oil. The bottle is compact in size of the 50ml and I can easily take it with me everywhere I go, whether its on a weekend away or even work.

My Thoughts: only one or two squirts are needed for body use. This oil is easily absorbed into my skin leaving it nourished, soft and shiney. This oil is safe enough to use in the bathtub too as I use it each time I take a bath and my skin is definitely thanking me. The pump dispenser makes it easy to distribute the oil evenly onto my body and hair. With my hair I use it as a sealant to seal in all the moisture after I have washed and deep conditioned it. Because this oil is lightweight I can use it two to three times a week without having any product build-up. Do not use too much of the product as product build-up will occur. Remember ladies and gents its best to sleep with a silk scarf on your hair to retain moisture in your hair if you do sleep with a cotton scarf your hair will be left dried out and frizzy and trust me I've made this mistake before and its not a nice thing.

Made myself the cutest little hairtye with an Afri-berry ribbon

Smell: To me this Argan Oil doesnt have any smell to it which is a bonus since I have a sensitive sense of scent. Also, some oils smell just too overwhelming so this product gets its first star from me.

Texture and color: the oil is translucent in color and is rather lightweight and absorbs easily into the skin and hair.

Uses of Argan Lol:

Compact and pretty packaging
Pump dispenser allows for great product distribution
Lightweight oil
Easily absorbed
Budget friendly product
Long-lasting product as not much required for each use
Multiple uses product
Proudly South African product :-)

Hair can build-up product if overused

For Pick n Pay Stockists, see below;

Special thanks to Afri-berry for sponsoring this product. I have thoroughly enjoyed testing and reviewing it and I will definitely re-purchasing. My vote: 4.5/5 stars


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