Let's talk Periods - with Comfitex!

Brand: Comfitex
Product: Sanitary Pads and Pantyliners
Price: Ranges from R14.99, R24.99 to R49.99
Size: 10`s, 20`s, 40`s, 100`s
Availability: Available from all leading retailers nationwide, South Africa

So who wants their period anyway you might be asking yourself? 😏 Eventhough you might be like me, and find yourself to be one of those females who dread getting sick every month not for huge reasons but just because it's really such a shlep.. its indefinite that you will get sick monthly, so it's better to face facts sooner rather than later when it comes to your period, don't you think!

Comfitex is not a new brand in South Africa, but its still busy positioning itself out there in the marketplace and for me I absolutely love using this brand. I have done a review on their wipes some time ago, and I had been quite impressed - for further information on their flushable, intimate wipes please follow this link: http://nadineknowsbeauty.blogspot.co.za/2015/07/comfitex-flushable-feminine-wipes.html

Now back to being caught off guard when it comes to your period, I know that's just not on! 😭Comfitex not only has feminine products available for Women but also for teenz.  Tip*: Use the teen range of products on days when you flow is not as heavy, since the teen range is designed to especially fit a teenz body and needs when it comes to sanitary protection. #onelessthingtoworryabout if you ask me! 😉

Comfitex has a wide range of products available to both Women and Teenz, so its really easy to find your fit and even experiment with their products.  For me, I absolutely love their pantyliners which comes in re-sealable and usable bags which are so compact and easy to take allover whether I go to the gym, work, or even on a weekend away.
Comfitex Product range consists of:
Cotton Soft Ultra Pads
Cotton Soft Maxi Pads
Cotton Soft Pantyliners
Ultra Slim Pantyliners
Teenz Ultra Thin Cotton soft Pads
Teenz Ultra Thick Cotton soft Pads
Disposable Sanitary Bags
Feminine Wipes
What I love about Comfitex Pantyliners:
Available in scented and unscented variants
Pantyliners are body shaped, for extra comfort
Adhesive strip is great to ensure a secure fit
Scented pantyliners, smell absolutely lovely
Ultra slim pads, means women and teenz have #onelessthingtoworryabout

What I love about Comfitex Pads:
Available in scented and unscented variants
Soft outer cotton cover to ensure added comfort
Winged for added protection
Scented, so you won't smell funny whilst on your monthly`s
Dry weave cover for added protection and quicker absorption
Channelled to help prevent any leakage
All pads are individually wrapped so you can take them all over in single`s too, without being embarrassed

Hates, when it comes to Comfitex Sanitary product range:
Personally, I don't have any dislikes regarding the Comfitex sanitary range. Comfitex products are well priced compared to other sanitary product ranges, but very important the product quality does not lack compared to other sanitary ranges. I love the wide variety of products that are available from Comfitex, which gives customers a choice when it comes to buying sanitary products.  Most of the Comfitex pads come with free pantyliners, and for me that's always a bonus, since somehow I always run out of pantyliners and end up only knowing about it when i'm on my last one.

For more information of Comfitex and their products for both Women and teenz why not visit their lovely and very informative websites, you know what to do:
Source: Comfitex Website ZA
Source: Comfitex Teenz Website ZA

As a teen I managed to make every period of mine a breeze, by simply being prepared. Tip: Keep a makeup bag or a bag of a small size available and ready for when you period pops up, cause although we expect our monthly`s every month, sometimes it can catch us off guard, and there really is nothing worse. Add some Sanitary pads/tampons, spare underwear, some cramp medication and some disposable sanitary bags in your bag.

Teenz always struggle with the bloating and cramping 😢 when it comes to their period. So below young ladies ive listed some foods you should be eating to bring you some relief when it comes to bloating and cramping during that time of the month.
Drink lots of water
Citrus Fruits 

Calcium Rich Foods
Leafy Greens

* Please try to avoid lots of Caffeine 🍵and Sugar 🍠during your periods. 

Hope this post gave you some insight into your period and the lovely products available from Comfitex. Also, our period isn't very pleasant to have every single month, but its part of what makes us human, and there are ways and means of making it less of a shlep.


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