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Review by my Guy: Nivea Men Body Deodorizer Range

Brand: Nivea
Product: Body Deodorizer
Size: 110 ml
Price: R44.99 ea
Availability: Available from all Dischem and Clicks outlets

How exciting is it, to get a little something-something sent to not yourself, but your as they call it better half! Yes, this time around my Boyfriend - Lorenzo of nearly 5 years got the chance to review the body deodorizer range from Nivea which is new on the markets by the way!

About the Nivea Deodorizer:
Nivea Men Body Deodorizer is the first body deodorizer which is gas free (which means more product to splurge onto your man's body).  The product is so concentrated that there really is no need to reapply during the day, and the fragrance literally lasts all day long. 500+ sprays from each can, which means your man will get out 5X more spray than a 150ml aerosol spray.

The range consists of 4 variants, which I will detail below. And having mentioned this, I should also mention, that already bae has his favorite- which is the Green - Energy Variant. Lorenzo loved the chic design of the cans, as its less bulky than most deodorizers for men, so its easy to carry allover, he even keeps one in his car- I know right! Who has a crush now on Nivea Men Body Deodorizer spray... Also, we both were intrigued by the boxes in which these deodorizer can come in. With that being said, the packaging, is quite fresh and exciting, and makes one want to open and immediately start spraying around deodorizer all over the house. And let us both not hold back, Nivea is never second to competitors when it comes to their scents. One can smell Nivea from quite a distance, and these body deodorizes doesn't fall short of the lovely scented products already available from Nivea.

More about the range (consists of 4 variants as per below):

-Energy (Green):
The product offers a refreshing but masculine scent that lasts all day long. The fragrance is made up of lemon, green leaves and watermint as top notes, jasmine and rosewood heart notes, and amber, cedarwood and musk as base notes.

-Cool Kicks (White):
This deodorizer features an icy cold scent upon application and leaves you with an instant cooling sensation. The scent includes orange, mint and marine as top notes. Spearmint, orange blossom and rosemary make up heart notes and cedar, leather and musk make up the base notes.

-Intense (Red):
For those guys who want to live boldly the intense variant would suit their lifestyle best. As its made up of woody, bold scents. Apple and bergamot make up top notes, with orris as the heart note and sandalwood and amber as base notes.

-Sprint (Yellow):
For those men into more spicier scents the sprint variant will provide you with a spiced up deodorizer all day long. Mandarin and pepper make up the top notes, with almond as the heart note and balsam and wood as base notes. This fragrance will definitely be unforgettable throughout each day.

Final Word:
Lorenzo found a scent (Energy) which he could relate to, from the four variants available, which to me this product gets a star. These Body Deodorizers from Nivea are small but really packs the product, with over 500+ sprays available from each can, it can last for some time, which gets it another star.
The price is a bit steep at R44.99 compared to other body deodorizers, but for the quantity one can get from the product, it gets a half star. Overall, Lorenzo had a pleasant experience whilst reviewing these body deodorizers from Nivea, although I should mention he is not a fan of any fragrance which is musk or woody, and the range contains two of those scents, which left him only to test two of the cans of body deodorizers for that the product gets another half a star. With no mess from the product, after or once used, like marks or spills, I feel this product deserves to get another star. So it gets a 4/5 for test and review purposes from me and my Guy- Lorenzo- Love you bae! 

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