Blogzilla`s of the Blogging Industry: What I THINK of Bloggers!!

This post is going to be a bit different from previous posts in that I am just going to be writing on my thoughts regarding some bloggers, and not review any product of any nature.

On Saturday I attended the Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival which was very interesting amongst other things! Ill be doing a separate post on which I will be covering the event in more detail so be sure to watch out for that!

What I want to write about now though is something I believe plenty of bloggers experience but just never talks about it.  Its the `Blogzilla`s ` of the blogging industry. Yes, I've chosen this term because it seems so fitting for those bloggers who resemble the Blogzilla(reminded me of Godzilla who just ravages everything in front of it).

Whilst at the Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival on Saturday, I attended a small workship on blogging tips etc or atleast it should have covered that in my opinion.  And whilst I thought this would be a very informative seminar, I came to quite a few conclusions regarding the blogging industry.

Some Bloggers especially around Cape Town seem to think of Blogging as some kind of competition and territory which they need to defend, or take ownership of. This to me should not be the case, as blogging should be your own `thing` to put it simply, it should be about what you personally want to cover, write about, want to share with YOUR readers. Instead to me it came across that all the looks and grunts at other bloggers gave the impression that people are just plain said jealous of one another.  This is sad though and its for this exact reason that I chose to stick it out and be me, showing that I don't pay attention to the `so-called` who`s -who  and of cause only mingles with the `in-crowd`, smiles and talks with who they know and at the very least walked around as royalty while the rest sit -oohing and -aahing about their evening wear.

Then as the talk starts out at one of the conference rooms, which to my surprise was just too small for all the people in it at that time.  Questions are posed and statements were made and some were well said yes, but for me personally, people were trying to pat themselves on the back and trying to blow their own horns rather than deliver an information workshop on blogging.  To me, outfits were more important and looks went a long way.  Also, people tended to shout more to get their own point across than take something home from what was being said.

Nevertheless, with this being said I just want to make it known that what I write or put on my blog will be what I feel I need to cover or bring to my readers` attention.  I am in competition with no one and I choose not to follow or copy people especially those known as the `who`s -who` in the blogging segment of Cape Town.  I feel its best to bring your thoughts and or opinions across than copy someone who might have copied someone else in order to be in the lime-light!

I found it interesting when asking for tips from one or two bloggers that one was genuine and helpful and the other so cold and closed off, when she already is an already well established blogger around Cape Town.  To me, my intention is not to steal your spot in the industry but rather to make my own footprint and have it stay here! Remember your readers make your blog what it is, aside from your content, your following makes you!

I'm hoping this post was insightful to all the readers thereof and not just bloggers, and that it gives those people thinking of blogging some idea of what the industry is like! It is not my intention to scare anyone away but rather to give everyone a view into what its like in the blogging industry and it hasn't even been 1 year in the industry for me and my blog, but sure wont be pushing me away! :-)



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