Bargain Buy: Makeup Brushes

By no means do I consider myself a professional make-up artist and like most ladies I've been learning and picking up tips and tricks as I go along, try and test new looks, techniques etc.

Recently, I purchased this makeup brush set for just R 29 and I must add its been doing me justice :-) The brushes have the most prettiest design with black and pink leopard prints and is finished off by sturdy bronze-brown coloured metal. These brushes makes for easy application of makeup and is more for the beginner to intermediate user of make-up. It gets a 4/5 from me and I would definitely purchase it again. Remember ladies to always clean your makeup brushes and tools regularly as they carry bacteria which has damaging effects on ones skin.

Below is quick description of what I use each brush for: brushes as per order in the picture.
Eyebrow shaper: this is a dual purpose brush as the comb side I use to separate lashes and the brush side I use to shape my eyebrows.
Pouchbrush: as you can see it looks like a little sponge. So I use this brush to perfect my foundation and concealer blending in tight areas like my inner eye or undereye area.
Rouge brush: I use to dust and sweep my powder or either highlighter across my forehead, cheekbones and nose. I love the softness of this brush!! :-)
Lipbrush: start with applying your lipstick from the middle of your lips and work your way outwards. Lips is evenly coated when im done with this baby.
Eyeshadow brush: im not a huge fan of eyeshadow but remember to always use your eyeshadow primer first, so your eyeshadow wont crease and smudge, then apply eyeshadow. This brush makes it easy to apply eyeshadow as the brush size allows for great coverage in just two sweeps on the eyelid.

Hope you ladies found this post informative and helpful and you will definitely give your makeup brushes a new thought! :-)


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