Review: John Frieda Forever Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner

Products: John Frieda Forever Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner
Size: 250ml each
Texture-Shampoo: Smooth runny liquid
Texture-Conditioner: Mousse like firm creme conditioner
Availability: Clicks stores nationwide
Price: Retails at R105 - R110 each

Ive now had a chance to use these new offerings from John Frieda, Forever Smooth Frizz ease shampoo and conditioner for the past two weeks. And since I'm a natural (no chemically treated hair here) its been quite interesting.  I should mention that as a natural haired diva, I often battle with frizz so when I was presented with the opportunity to try out this Shampoo and Conditioner which claimed to leave hair forever smooth, I literally jumped at the opportunity.

*** Clicks is currently running a 3 for 2 promotion from the 4the November until the 24 December. So if you purchase any 3 John Frieda products you only pay for 2. So hurry ladies, stock is flying off the shelves, and with the wide variety of John Frieda products its no wonder why! :-)

My experience with these products:
I had just twisted my hair in single mini twists when I started using this Shampoo and Conditioner the very next week. In summer, my hair is more prone to frizz, due to higher humidity levels. I know, its such a schlep! I'll give you some tips later on how to minimise frizz so keep reading.

Since, my hair was in mini twisted I kept it ministered and nourished with oils and cremes and the product build-up was kinda huge. So initially I assumed I would have to use tons of the shampoo to get my hair clean but I was pleasantly surprised when I didn't need as much shampoo. I did two regular washed of my hair, and thereafter my scalp was clean, my hair strands shinier than before and the smell was amazing and fresh.

I opted to use the conditioner as a deep conditioner and kept it on my hair for 20 mins, whilst wearing a shower cap, and again my hair smelled lovely when I rinsed off the conditioner after the 20 minutes. My natural tresses really felt softer and smoother than before. Could this be because of the deep conditioning technique I made use off or does the John Frieda Forever Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner really fight Frizz? Keep Reading!
* Shampoo and Conditioner are both safe to use on coloured hair.

I absolutely love the 250 ml size as its a generous enough product size to use for a good amount of time, especially over the December holidays and also it won't take up too much space in my holiday bag.  I absolutely love the purple tubes with accents of metallic and silver, it brings a new kind of freshness and intrigue to these products. I immediately wanted to start using this Shampoo and Conditioner as soon as I saw it.   The solid caps means no or less chance of mess and tubes of Shampoo and Conditioner can easily be opened but also securely closed. * I love how both the Shampoo and Conditioner tubes has friendly directions for use on each tube in Afrikaans so considerate of John Frieda.

Any natural loves coconut oil. And yes you guessed it, both the shampoo and conditioner not only contains John Frieda frizz immunity complex but also pure coconut oil. So your hair is strengthened from the inside to the outside, leaving it softer and smoother with much less frizz. Less frizz to me means more manageable pretty looking hair especially on those humid days during windy November in Cape Town. Thank you for creating these gems John Frieda, you've made my natural haired life so much more manageable and much less frizz free.

What causes frizz?
Frizz of your hair is caused when the cuticle layer of each hair strand is lifted, allowing moisture to pass thru and causes swelling of the hair strand.  Your hair will then appear dry and frizzy and not smooth and sleek. The two pictures below illustrates frizzy hair as its dry and hair strands swollen due to humidity.

My Tips on Fighting frizz
Drink enough water and eat a balanced diet
Sleep with a satin scarf so that moisture in your hair strands are locked in.
Deep condition your hair at least once a week
Too much chemicals could lead to over processed hair, leaving hair dry and vulnerable to frizz - so use less chemicals ladies your hair will thank YOU.
Lastly, oil your scalp and hair strands and make sure they penetrate your hair sufficiently.

My Final Thoughts
As a natural I didn't expect these product to work for my ethnic, thick and very unmanageable frizz prone hair. But after three washes and one deep conditioning -using the John Frieda Forever Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, I can honestly say over the past two weeks my hair has really illustrated less frizziness. Over time, my hair become more softer and even shinier think that's because of the pure coconut oil in these products. Frizz Immunity complex in the Shampoo and Conditioner helps your hair from the inside to make it less frizzy and smoother for longer. #foreversmooth #frizzease

I would definitely recommend these products to friends and family and yes I would repurchase these gems again. As its not too pricey and easily available from Clicks stores, anyone can give it a go. My rating 4.5/5


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