Review: Libresse Multistyle Pantiliners

Brand: Libresse
Product: Multistyle Pantiliners
Size: 30 Pack
Price: R27.95
Availability: Clicks, Dis-chem, Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Most pharmacies
Texture: A slim in size, foldable
My summer essentials in my handbag includes my Libresse Multistyle Pantiliners! No girl should be caught without it.

About Libresse Multistyle Pantiliners:

Product claims to have a secure fit, is 150mm in size, and is meant for moderate protection when it comes to the female body.  Multistyle pantiliners has flexible sides so the product can fold and fit all types of underwear.   The centre of each pantiliner has an absorbent core which is meant for moderate protection when it comes to leakage.  CurveFit contours to your V-Zone for all-day comfort and protection without any pantiliners moving around causing discomfort.  The multistyle pantiliner from Libresse is 5 times more breathable with proskin formula, and PH balanced infusion which ensures a healthy V-zone skin.
Front of Pantiliner

Back of the Pantiliner - the entire strip is glued, so it will stay in place all day long.

My Experience with Libresse Multistyle Pantiliners:
Each Libresse multistyle pantiliner is individually wrapped in a very colorful and cute package.  The plastic wrapper is easily opened and each pantiliner easily removed.  What i love most about these cute little lifesavers is that they are small and flexible enough to fit any type of underwear and whilst providing one with just as much protection as any other pantiliner out there on the market.  The Libresse multistyle pantiliners are just all round better in my opinion. I never needed to worry about my pantiliner losing its shape, because of my V-Zone area.  It's safe enough to be used more than once daily and lasts for quite some time, providing superior protection with a comfortable fit. I prefer to wear pantiliners every day, yes I am like that even when i'm on my period.  For me, protection and comfort is important especially on these humid Cape Town summer days, and what better than to have a fresh feeling, that's secure all day long leaving me confident and ready to take on every day as best I can.  So why not give Libresse Multistyle pantiliners a go ladies!

Thank you Rubybox for allowing me the opportunity to try out these Libresse Multistyle pantiliners. My rating: 5/5 It's affordable, easily accessible, and does what its supposed to do, plus it fits all my undies, so i don't need to be uncomfy when i chop and change my undies. ;-)


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