Review: Tempo Tissues

Brand: Tempo Tissues
Variants: Classic, Complete Care, Protect
About Product: 4 ply tissues
Availability: Dis-chem, Checkers, Shoprite in packs of 10
Price: R26. 99- R29.99
Colour: White Tissues

About the Product:
These Award winning tissues, are finally available in South Africa, after being awarded as product of the year in 2010 Germany and 2009 in Austria.  The range of Tempo Tissues come in a variety of variants such as Classic, Protect and Complete Care.  The Tempo Tissue brand prides themselves on always being `Here 4 you`, no matter what the situation, ensuring you are prepared for everyday life.

Tempo Tissues are guaranteed to have your back in any situation, whether you are experiencing a terrible cold, use the Protect pocket tissues, which has germ killing technology and traps germs in the tissue. Or be it you just need a simple tissue when that odd tear decides to make it appearance, perhaps during a tear jerking movie or when your dog has to go into the vet for its usual checkup and your heart melts when the veterinarian tells you to please wait in the waiting room, use your Classic pocket tissues to save the day!

My Experience with these Tissues:
I know it might sound weird when you have to explain to someone that yes, I am reviewing tissue paper since no one or very few people do actually do that right.  But nevertheless, I was kind of intrigued when I at first starting using these pocket tissues form Tempo.  Firstly, I fell in love with the smell of both the Complete care and Protect pocket tissues as I have never experienced scented tissues this way before.  *Classic tissues are scent free.  The Complete care pocket tissues is a unique lotionised tissue which has very sharp -opening senses kind smell to it, as it is enriched with eucalyptus oil and soothing balm which leads to easy breathing so its great to use during the flu season or when you find yourself having that odd cold.  I loved using this tissue at night, as I suffer from a mild case of sinus, and my nose would tend to get stuffy late evening.  The Classic Pocket tissue has a soft comfort formula which leads the tissue to be softer than ever and even stronger.  Protect Pocket Tissues has an antibacterial formula which ensures germs are killed within the tissues, leading to less germs being spread whilst using the tissues.  What I noticed with these tissues including all three variants of Tempo tissues, not once did these tissues tear as with other tissues, nor did they go soft and break off.  This for me illustrated the strength of the tissues.  It's very soft too so its okay to use on sensitive nose area, and as previously mentioned the smell of the tissues are amazing.  Tempo tissues come in 4 ply so its super strong and is very absorbent and made to help you out in any situation.

My Recommendation:
I would definitely repurchase these Pocket tissues from Tempo Tissues, as its really value for money.  Its great to use in every kind of situation so I vow to never leave home again without a pocket pack by my side.  With its variety of pocket tissues Classic, Protect (enriched with antibacterial formula) and Complete Care (enriched with eucalyptus oil and soothing balm) I can be sure there is a tissue to suit my every need!  With tissues available in packs of 10, individually wrapped packs of 4 ply strength tissues which really does the job, you will be sure to have them for quite some time.  And by the time you finish your last pack I am sure you will have come to love them just as much as I did.  I also noticed that with these pocket tissues, no fluff is gathered or presented as with other pocket tissues i have used in the past.  Also, I don't know about all you ladies but I absolutely love to dab my lipstick lips on a tissue without it sticking to the tissue or the tissue sticking to my lips and with Tempo Pocket tissues, I assure you, all you will have sticking onto your lips is the subtle bit of lipstick you want to see after you have dabbed your lips onto the tissue.  My Rating is a 4.9/5

Thank you Rubybox for allowing me the opportunity to test and review these lovely tissues, definitely worth my time! ;-)


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