Final Thoughts: Eau Thermale Avene -Thermal Spring Water

So After having used the Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring water for almost two weeks, I have really been recommending friends/family go out and purchase and try it. It really does work - and yes, you are free to ask my mom how often I use it. Almost as soon as I step into the door in the evenings I go about spraying it all over my face - and once it dries up, my face is left cool and my skin soothed after a long day's work! 👍

Below, I include some pictures of how my face looks after ive just sprayed it with Eau Thermale Avene -Thermal Spring Water.  The spray dries up relatively easy, as its water based, and not of an oily texture, which would take longer for it to dry up.

Uses for the Eau Thermale Avene -Thermal Spring Water include:
Skin irritations, Razor Burns, Makeup setting spray, Makeup Remover, Post-sunburn, Facial Redness, After Exercise, Diaper Rash and even during Travelling.

It comes in a convenient carry all-over with you size of 50 ml can
The spray dries up easily
Cools the skin
Soothes Skin
Easily available from all Clicks stores
Affordable Retails at +/- R100 -R150 depending on size of can
Long lasting, as each application doesn't require much product.
Works well for dry, itchy skin

The only dislike I have is that when I shake my can before use, I always end up having to clean some water off the floor, since it goes everywhere.
From the above picture, I illustrate to my readers the texture of the Eau Thermale Avene -Thermal Spring Water. It's really just like water, just with all the goodness added from the Spring. 😉

Finally, I hope all my readers enjoyed my review on this handy gem of a sized product. The Eau Thermale Avene -Thermal Spring Water is a real must own for every women whether you consider yourself to have skin irritations or not - its just handy to own. A special thank you to Rubybox for sponsoring me this product and remember ladies, you are welcome to still earn yourself the extra bottle I have to giveaway to a reader. Go onto my Facebook page, and comment on the removal of makeup picture with Avene! 
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