First Impressions: Eau Thermale Avene -Thermal Spring Water

Brand: Eau Thermale Avene
Product: Thermal Spring Water
Size: 50ml or 150ml
Price: 150ml -R149.95
Availability: Clicks stores nationwide (South Africa)
Firstly, let me put it out there that this is not the first time I am presented with the opportunity to review this product, as previously I have reviewed it.  However, my love ❤ for this particular product just seems to keep growing!

I suffer not only from Sensitive skin, which can be very itchy at times, leading me to be covered in red bumps and lumps at times, but recently I also have been told by a makeup artist that my skin is very, very dry! 😦 I know it was like a dagger going right thru my heart.  Having heard the bad news, I asked the makeup artist what can be done, her reply `moisture`.  Then I went on and told her about my T-zone being oily and she told me to remember moisture does not mean oil, it means water! 🚰

That came as quite a surprise to me, but it absolutely made so much sense. So myself being dumbstruck and already drinking so much water during the day, decided to put the Eau Thermale Avene Pure Spring water to its fullest use. Now when I do my makeup routine, I firstly spray this #activewater onto my skin and let it dry up. Thereafter, I go about completing my makeup routine, and I must say my skin is showing a huge improvement. I absolutely love the size of this product, as previously I had the bigger bottle, and it was kind of a shlep having to cart it all over, but this smaller size of Active water is convenient enough for me to take all over and even place it into my makeup bag without any effort! So I am a very happy chappy! 😁

Just to give you all an idea of how I make use of this product, I used it to also gently remove makeup and since its all natural, it doesn't harm my skin as much as makeup removers do which half of the time contain some irritant that would leave my skin red and irritated. I have one of these baby`s to give away to a lucky reader, so please just comment on this post if you from Cape Town, and who knows you might win yourself a can of this goodness! #competition #eauthermalavene #rubybox #activewater #nadineknowsbeautyblog #sensitiveskin #eauthermaleavenesouthafrica
Just a heads up that Clicks stores has a whole range of Products available from Eau Thermale Avene, which include amongst others; Gentle Toner, Micellar Water and Lotion, Cleansing Gel and Soothing Eye Cream.  So why not go into your nearest Clicks store and check out this brand! 😉


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