Bramley Cosmetics: Triple Glycerine and Camphor Cream

Brand: Bramley Cosmetics
Products: Triple Glycerine / Camphor Cream
Price: R9.99
Size: 75 ml Mini Tub
Availability: Pep Stores nationwide
Let me start out by saying, myself and my guy can't stop using these little gems, as it not only smells very, very, very nice yes it smells divine, but it actually works wonders for the skin, be it body or facial.  My favorite is the Triple Action Glycerine which smells so subtle but fresh and inviting, this cream stays on long after you have washed your hands, which proves that the triple action glycerine goes a long way. Also, both the camphor and triple glycerine creams are enriched with bio pharm oil, which helps with maintaining the skin's elasticity making it prone to absorb up all moisture, keeping it soft and smooth and moisturised. The Camphor cream has been tried and tested and it can be used to smooth, nourish and restore skin to its best.
What I love even more is that the mini tubs are so cute and convenient it will fit into any one of your handbags lady`s and tubs are not expensive at all, retailing at R9.99 each. Pop into your nearest Pep store and get yourself one of both why don't you, and tell me what you think of them? 😉
December holidays are just around the corner, and with this upcoming summer promising to be a scorcher, you won't find me without these creams whether I go to the beach, gym on a day out with friends or even holidaying. The old faithful Bramley for Men Face & Body Cream also comes in a 75ml mini tub now, so good news lady`s your man can now focus on all those dry skin areas without feeling greasy whilst protecting his skin.


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