New: Cherubs Lightly Fragranced Eco-Facial wipes

Brand: Cherubs
Product: Eco Facial Wipes
Availability: Most shopping outlets nationwide
Price: R24.99
Size: Pack of 24`s

These Cherubs wipes come in pack size 24 and 60`s.  As mentioned before the pack of 24 wipes retails at R24.99 and the pack of 60`s retail at R44.99.  Cherubs has a range of eco-friendly products, to tenderly care not only for your baby but now you too, with the promise of nurturing, and a greener environment.

Sensitive/Dry wipes enriched with Sea fennel and Chamomile extract

 Normal wipes enriched with Rooibos and Papaya extract

Oily/Combination wipes enriched with Lemon,evy and Sage extract

Cherubs heritage and unique selling proposition of being the only flushable and biodegradable baby wipes in South Africa is not introduced into the Cosmetic Wipe category as well.

The Cherubs Eco-care make-up remover facial wipes are the newest product offering from the Cherubs brand.  These wipes are suited for all skin types and are available in the following variants:

-Cleanses my skin, gently and effectively
-Removes make-up
-Gentle enough to be used on eye are too
-Paraben/chlorine and petro-chemical free
-Wipes are biodegradable so its as gentle on the environment as on ones skin
-Sensitive variant is dermatologically endorsed
-The 60`s value pack has a cliplid to prevent moisture loss
-24`s pack size is convenient in size, so you can take it all over with you
-Wipes are enriched with Sea fennel & chamomile/ Rooibos and Papaya and also Lemon, Ivy and Sage extract respectively.
-Proudly South Africa product
-Not tested on animals

-24`s pack size, has a resealable plastic tab, which could lead to moisture loss if not sealed properly.

So the proof is in me testing these wipes.  It removed my makeup effectively. My face was left cleansed and feeling moisturised. No need for me to wash my face after cleansing it with these wipes.These wipes don't shed on my skin unlikes other branded cosmetic wipes which leaves cotton strands on ones skin.  My face is dashed with a lovely fragrance after wiping it down with these wipes. Follow my pictures from my before picture on top to my end picture, where even my lipstick came off like a breeze.

Hope you enjoyed my review on these wipes, and please feel free to leave any comments below.


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