Bramley Even Tone 3 Step Skincare Range

During the December holidays, I found myself using the last bit of my day cream, and I was left with no option to purchase an alternative. Once at Pep stores in Gansbaai, I saw a new product on the shelves and I was immediately intrigued. The product I noticed was the New Bramley Even tone, Vanishing Cream which retails for R19.99.  What drew me closer to the product was the absolute fresh scent of this vanishing cream. I purchased the product and off I went. 

When I started using the product the following day, my skin was left feeling and smelling fresh, with a matte like finish. The cream isn't too heavy on one's skin and leaves no oily residue behind, which is a bonus. Also, with this vanishing cream, you won't require too much of the product on your face. Simply dab a few dots onto your forehead, chin, and cheeks and rub gently in circular motions.. Don't forget to apply and smooth over onto your neck too.  
Bramley Even Tone 3 Step Skincare Range

More about the Even Tone, Vanishing cream (Step 3)
The Even Tone vanishing cream, forms part of a three step skincare range (Step 3-Moisturising) It was especially designed to care for the skin and promote an even skin tone. The product contains Bio-Pharm oil that helps to replace ceramides and nourish your skin.  Reduces oil build up. Contains Vitamins, C, E, A & B5.

Step 1: Cleansing
The Bramley Even Tone facial bar is mild and gentle enough to be used on a daily basis. It retails at R11.99 each and creates a soft, milky lather which is rich in moisture that gently cleanses the skin.  Clogged pores are easily opened up.  Skin is left clean and protected against harmful germs.  See picture below.  The soap smells just as lovely as the vanishing cream.

Step 2: Toning
Use the toning lotion after cleansing your skin, which will help remove any oil build-up and impurities which could easily lead to problem skin.  The toning lotion contains Vitamins C,E,A & B5.  Use with a cotton ball and dab a few drops onto the cotton ball, gently blotting your face, with the toning lotion, working on uneven skin tone and oiliness. Retails at R16.99 per bottle.
If you anything like me, and love trying out new products, and who knows you might end up loving the new Skincare range from Bramley. Head to your nearest Pep Stores and why not purchase the full range, for Even toned skin from Bramley Cosmetics. The range is really affordable and contains all the goodness of Vitamins A,E,C and B5 and ceramides which promotes moisture.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this review and please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below! 


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