32 Things, I`ve Learned in 32 Years!

So today is myself and my twin brother’s birthday.πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸ‘¦πŸ‘§Yes, we were born in 1987 and if math serves right, that means we 32 years of age today. Happy birthday buta. Thank you for being the cool dude you`ve always been and stay the amazing father, husband, son and also brother you are.  31/01/1987
Now to kick things off I thought I would do a quick post on 32 things I've learned in my 32 years. Let me know what you all think of this post, you know what to do, just hit the comment button below the post! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ

1.  At times keeping quiet is the best damn answer. And other times, you need to stand your ground and say whatever the hell comes to mind!

2.  God is AMAZING, wine does `those` things, and people are all round mad.

3.  No one is perfect, ever. So don’t even pretend, just be you-kla.

4.  Always know you can make a plan, no matter what.

5.  Every now and then treat yourself, you will only end up kicking yourself if you don`t.

6.  New things should be tried. At least then you can say it worked for you, or it didn't because you tried.

7. Every now and again, do something for someone else without expecting something in return.

8.  When you at you`re lowest, the only thing to do is get up! So NO SULKING!

9.  You should tell those you love, that you love them daily. Tomorrow is promised to no one.

10.  Put on that two piece! Dammit - even if it bulges here and there - `wie worry nou nog`.

11.  Taste food as you cook it. If the dish is missing anything, it’s either salt or sugar.

12.  The best cure for any hangover is pain killers- any kind (paracetamol/ brufen) and bacon.  

13.  Buy Name Brand Coffee -self explanatory.

14.  Dating/ being engaged / Marriage is not easy! So don`t allow those who have `perfect` relationships to dictate to you that it’s easy.

15.  Whatever makes you happy, just do it.

16.  Goodbyes, never get easier.

17.  If the only person you can count on at times, is yourself - remember that`s okay.

18.  Karma is real people. So do unto others as you want done to you.

19.  Follow a routine, and you might actually like exercising - P.S; I`m still battling so don`t be too hard on yourself. 

20.  Forgive when you can - but it’s up to you if you want to forget.

21.  Always clean the toilet - you never know who might be popping in for an unexpected visit.

22.  If you feeling sick, and Googling you`re symptoms, just know you not alone.

23.  The best way to fry an egg, is in a well coated, non-stick pan! One that actually costs a good few hundred rand`s. Add some garlic salt, and freshly mixed herbs with a dash of pepper. And this all in the real deal butter. And wallah! There you have it.

24.  Buy generic pharmaceuticals. They are just as good as name-brand pharmaceuticals.

25.  Always make good eye contact. It could get you that dream job, or that guy you've been ogling for decades

26.  Dogs over cats. I`m a dog person - pugs in particular. πŸ•

27.  Flossing your teeth is not compulsory, ain`t nobody at high school right now.

28.  Ensure your place is clean, fridge well stocked, and laundry is up to date whenever your mom or your man’s mom comes over. You want them to know you've got this adult thing covered.

29.  Experiences mean more than material possessions. So whenever you can, travel -locally or internationally.

30.  You can’t be liked by everyone. Point.

31. Seeing people you love get older, is just not cool at all.

32.   Enjoy every little moment and the small things. Time is something you will never be able to get back, plus it goes so fast...

Any thoughts you would love to share, please feel free to leave a comment or two ;-)


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