HAPPY 2019!

First off, I know it took me some time, but I would like to wish all of my readers, whether you are an old familiar reader of my blog, or a newbie, a very heartfelt, Happy 2019! May this new year, bring new things, opportunities, friendships, love, happiness, kindness and joy to all of you. 2018 had its fair share of ups (I got engaged) YAY, and downs (I lost a dear colleague) amongst other things.. For me, my aim in 2019 is to be the best possible version of myself. Oh and also, plan my wedding - how exciting, but more on that a little later!

So I thought about creating a list of what I need and want to do this year, and it all came together nicely, so just continue reading, to find out a bit more, about how I plan to change things up in 2019.

1.  No use being boring, and not dreaming right. So dreaming is big for me. I envision of what I want, and how I plan to get it, So definitely Dream More.

2.  Dreaming more, is one thing, but getting more sleep is another. So make time to get some sleep. It leads to being more efficient and who doesnt want that?! Take a day off and just sleeeeeeep!

3.  Choose to be happy! Yes, find happiness in anything - just be happy. Who wants to be around sad, dull, dreary people. Yes, life might not always go my way, but at least I`m not the type to just sit and mope around. Smile!!!

4.  Exercise More! Do I even need to explain this one..
Whether you end up joining a gym, or just doing squats in you're room, just get moving.

5.  Choose to explore more. Not just places, things, life! And in the process you might find what works for you, and you could end up living you`re BEST LIFE.

6.  Whatever you do, try you`re best. New hobbie, new job, gym? Whatevs, just do you`re best.

7.  Drink more water. Self explanatory. Healthy skin, better body, flush out the junk! Stay hydrated.

8.  Live life colorfully. If you like me, you have a list of what you want to do this year. Last year, it involved getting a tattoo.. and guess what, I got three in 2018. Who`s counting right.. But that`s what life is about. No regrets, living in the moment. And doing you.. This year my passport is on that list, where to next right.. keep you`re options open.

9.  Read more. The world is out there, so why not get knowledgeable on it. Even South Africa. I always say, before I go on holiday overseas, I plan to visit a select few places in South Africa first. We live in such a beautiful country yet we dont even know it.

10.  WAKE UP EVERY SINGLE DAY, and be AWESOME! You are an original and dont you forget it! Originals are pricey, so flaunt yourself.

11. Every now and then, dance in the rain, dont fuss about what you`re hair looks like in its natural state. Rock a naked face (no makeup), Wear Slops.. Life is too short, to be serious all the while!

Last of All, happy blessed 2019! Lets go! ;-)


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