Batiste -Fruity and Cheeky Cherry Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo is am amazing product for any lady to have. Firstly, it smells heavenly, this cherry variant works for me! Its affordable as the price ranges from R60-R70 for the big tin, which is 120g in size. And its lasts quite some time.. from my pictures you can see Im an existing customer as I have tried the Boho variant before. 

I found with this cherry variant, my hair is instantly refreshed and I am left with hair full of body and less oiliness. Also my hair lasts for a few more days than usual which means less maintenance. I luuuv using this dry shampoo as it doesn't leave any flakes or powder behind and is easily absorbed.

 ive taken some before and after pics and the pictures speak for themselves... also I have taken a picture of what the dry shampoo looks like when applied to my skin, its powdery which once it is rubbed, is fully absorbed.

whats more impressing to me, is that this dry shampoo works on even ethnic hair which is my hair type. So ladies get yourself a tin, I promise its worth every scent. especially since those long hot summer days are approaching in cape town. Thank you Beauty Bulleting and Batiste for this opportunity to review such a great product, Ill definitely recommend it to every lady, wanting fresh fruity volumising hair! ;-)


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