30 Day Photo Challenge!

Day 5: What I wore
Friday past I attended an Hawaiian Ball.  This is what I wore and pictured with me is my cousin Charnay!

Day 4:  A picture of me
Here`s a picture of me recently, with braids.

Day 3: Water

Today its all about water, and yay, I'm loving my feet in the ocean! ;-)

Day 2: My Hands

These are my Hands, I know that I have long fingers, (laughing), but its part of who I am.  Love yourself.. ;-)


I decided Ill be doing a 30 day photo challenge where Ill take a pic each day of random things and upload it as I go along, hope each and every reader enjoys it!

Day 1: My Handwriting
I used to write a lot smaller than this, thankfully now, my handwriting has enlarged a little! ;-)




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