Beauty Secrets that Anyone could Try ;-)

Beauty Secrets are part of any lady`s routine, here are a few of my own, and even a new one to get you ladies testing and trying.  Hope you enjoy them

* Lighten your hair Naturally: yes you can! Mix lemon juice from 4 lemons with 1/4 of a cup of water in a spray water bottle.  Spray it on evenly on your hair and rub it in well.  Leave in and sit in the sun for about 45 minutes.  Now remember ladies, use your SPF for those harsh sun rays.  Once you done, rinse your hair and condition it well.  And Waalah.. your hair will now be a few shades lighter.. mmm.. imagine ;-)

*Curling those stubborn Eyelashes:  Lashes that are as straight as an ironing board need more than just some TLC, but don't fuss here`s an easy solution.  Same as when you try and curl your hair, you need heat, keep an hair dryer on your eyelash curler for a few seconds.  Test the amount of heat it retained by dabbing it against your hand, if okay, curl those lashes.  It really works ladies, your lashes would be full of body in a few seconds!

*Bring your old Eyeliner to Life!! Grab a lighter and light the tip of your eyeliner pencil.  This softens the pencil making it easier to apply and much bolder.  You`ll thank me for this as it really, really works..

*Natural Toner, all the way from the kitchen cupboard.  Apple cider vinegar can do wonders.   It can help treat acne and tones the skin naturally. Use about 1/4 apple cider vinegar and 3/4 water, mix well and apply to your skin at night.  If you need it to be any stronger, try 2/4 water, and so on. 

And these are my easy to follow beauty tips, hope it helps you it certainly does help me! ;-)


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