McNab`s Super Charge Energy Tabs

McNab`s Super Charge Energy Tabs
This morning I am trying out my McNabs Super Charge Energy Tablets.  The pack comes with 4 tablets which are rather large in size, and one super awesomely sized soft gel ;-)  I swallowed all of them at once, since I don't really do tablets that well.  What I loved about this product was the small in size motivational card, which I am going to paste against my dashboard in my car.  My motivation card read 'every intention sets energy in motion'.  Great marketing - makes me excited to open every single pack I use!
More about the tablets:  As previously described, the pack comes with 4 tablets and 1 soft gel.  Tablets are meant to help with tiredness, concentration, stress and stamina issues.  I certainly do need them more now, especially because lady time is taking its toll on me this month!.
These tablets are really safe to take, and contain no unhealthy ingredients and only natural ingredients.  To name a few ingredients Omega oils are used along with a range of multivitamins and minerals and also some herbs like the Superherb; Siberian Ginseng which will give you the extra boost and energy for any day whether its going to be a long one or not! A great thing about the tablets are unlike most other tablets which contain multivitamins and minerals they don't smell like medicine -that's one thing I cant stand.  Tablets are affordable too so everyone should go out and try them at least once!
I took my batch of tablets at 6am this morning and its almost 10am now, and I must admit I feel really energised and I have not yawned once this morning! These tablets are definitely helping me swoosh thru this day! ;-)
Thank you McNab`s for the opportunity to have me try out this great product! ;-)
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 ** If you read this far, I am giving you the headsup to receive your very own pack for free, follow the link and thank me later ;-)


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