Review: Loving Touch Shaving Gel and Allure Razor

A few weeks ago, I received a parcel and when I opened it I was immediately intrigued by not only the products because they looked so funky and colourful but because it was shaving gels, razors and cartridges and I don’t need to tell you ladies, that when summer hits being all smooth and prepped 24/7 is a priority on my list since time out at the beach is never turned down by me! ;-)

About the Loving Touch Brand:
To me personally, the Loving Touch brand had never really been on my go-to list when it came to shaving, however after using these products my opinion on this brand has definitely changed!  Loving Touch is a youthful and dynamic brand with a great range of quality products at really affordable prices.  Their product range consists of shaving crèmes`, Shaving gels and Razors.

My Experience with the Loving Touch Soothing Shaving Gel:
For me and my sensitive skin, I opted firstly to use the Soothing Shaving Gel although the Sensitive Shaving Gel also worked really well once I had the time to try it out.  I always opt for shaving as the method for removing bodily hair as I can control the amount of shaving that would be done on my skin, and also the type of pressure applied to my skin. Waxing is rather harsh on my sensitive skin (as I suffer from Psoriasis).  After using the sensitive Shaving Gel on my legs I felt safe enough to use it under my arms and on my bikini line.  The Razor I had used was the Loving Touch Allure razor which came with its own Cartridge and a complementary cartridge included (yay, who doesn't like a bargain buy right). 

Loving Touch Sensitive and Soothing Shaving Gel 
Ultra modern design, allows for smooth distribution of shaving gel

Verdict on Products:
Shaving Gels:
The Sensitive Shaving Gel comes in a 200ml can, which is rather generous and retails for approximately R36.95-R39.95 and can be found in your usual shopping supermarkets (Clicks/Shoprite/Checkers/Pick n Pay).  The Shaving gel has an amazingly fresh scent to it but it not too over, and at first I was extremely impressed by it’s `oh so modern` design!   Upon using the Shaving Gel it comes out really easily from the can and not a lot is required to cover up on of my legs, in fact one squirt did the job to be exact and covered my whole leg (see pictures below).  This brands packaging I really, really, really love.  It’s so pretty that at times I felt I should just leave it on my shelf in my room to be on display.

Allure Razor:
I must say I have never been a fan of razors that come with a handle as previously I preferred using throw aways` instead.  My mind has changed completely on this trust me.  The razor at first took some time getting used to since its much bigger and sturdier than a throw-away razor.   But once I got a hang of it, it was really easy to use and it gave me a really smooth shave.  It has a soothing strip on it, which contains Vitamin E and Aloe which helps in moisturising your skin and provides you with less irritation.  And to me, I had no bumps or lumps after using it for 3+ weeks.  Another bonus is that each cartridge comes in a super easy cover that protects the blades, but unlike other razors these covers are really easy to remove and replace.
Also, this razor comes with rubbery grippers along the sides, so this makes handling the razor easy and safe, as it wont slip out of your hand.  Discreet size of the razor head, allowed for me to use it on my more delicate areas (underarms/bikini line) with ease
Allure Razor, with Soothing Aloe Strip (also contains Vitamin E)
Shaving Gel:
Aqua, Palmitic Acid, Triethanolamine, Isopentane, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Ceteth-2, Isobutane, Hydroxyethycellulose, Parfum, Allantoin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Myristic Acid, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Potassium, Sorbate, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, CI 17200

Shaving Gel:

Loving Touch Shaving Gels

Allure Razor:
Allure Razor with Funky, easy grip handle

Directions for Use:
Loving Touch Shaving Gels:
-Wet skin with warm water.

-Smooth a moderate amount of gel over skin until it foams.

-Shave as usual and rinse skin with warm water.

Pros of the Loving Touch Shaving Gels and Loving Touch Allure Razor:
-Refreshing smell (Loving Touch - Shaving Gel)

-Love the colourful packaging and youthful feel of the products.


-Both products are moisturising so the skin is left soft and soothed with no or minimum irritation.

-Shaving Gels does not irritate the skin

-Razor left my skin without any red bumps or lumps

-I had no nicks or cuts

-Comes in a 200ml can, which will last for quite some time

-No razor burn from shaving to close to my skin thanks to the moisture strip which comes with Aloe and Vitamin E

-Discreet size of the razor head, allowed for me to use it on my more delicate areas (underarms/bikini line) with ease

-Shaving Gels does not run or drip so no mess can be expected ;-)

-Small amount of Shaving Gel is required for each use as it foams and covers an entire leg.

-3 Titanium Blades on Razor leaves skin silky smooth

-The design of Loving Touch Shaving Gel dispenser is so modern
-Allure razor has rubbery grippers so it makes handling the razor very easy and safe as it wont slip or fall out of your hand.

Cons of Loving Touch Shaving Gels and Loving Touch Allure Razor:
-The Shaving Gel leaves a huge amount of foam on my skin, which made shaving my hair not as easy as I could not see it clearly.

-The razor size was a bit overwhelming to me, since previously I used throwaways which is rather smaller.

-The Shaving Gel (size of can) is not recommended when it comes to travelling as it is rather large in size.

Would I recommend these products?
Overall I would recommend these products, especially to women with sensitive skin.  Here`s to skin that’s left moisture after shaving with no bumps or lumps.
*Please note: These are sponsored products - Thank you Loving Touch Shave South Africa!
*Apologies for not including the prices of the Allure Razor and Cartridges


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