Avene Thermal Spring Water for Sensitive Skin

A few weeks ago, I had been chosen as a reviewer by Rubybox to review the Avene Thermal Spring Water for Sensitive skin.  Because the bottle had been sealed up in plastic I was so intrigued by the thought of just water inside, I had shaken the bottle from side to side to just feel the water run from side to side and immediately had to open the product, due to uncontained excitement. 

What is the thermal spring water you might ask?

Avene’s thermal water is natural spring water sourced directly from Avene’s thermal springs with a neutral ph value of 7.5 and high quantities of Natural trace elements like silica.  Ingredients include 100% pure Avene patented thermal spring water, and inert nitrogen gas so as to convert the liquid into fine spray or mist.

And before you think that this is just water, no you are wrong its pure goodness!  And this ‘water’ is a favourite among celebrities.

About Avene:

Avene has an established Hydrotherapy Centre dedicated to dermatology.  This Centre allows for a protected environment which is internationally renowned as a water research center.  Avene has a skin line based solely on the water which is constantly controlled active water with a unique composition for soothing anti-irritating properties.  Strengths of Pierre Fabre Research allows for rigorously selective innovative ingredients and international experts with expert knowledge in the field of dermo-cosmetics. The Avene skin care line based on water is tested under dermatological control with gentle formulas and textures developed to suit and comfort sensitive skin.  Sensitive and intolerant skin is validated by stringent tests of effectiveness, tolerance and hypoallergenic conditions based on products.

My experience with this product:

I immediately started using this product once my hives started flaming up, due to the recent hot water in Cape Town, which happens more than frequently than it would in winter.  The cooling effect of this product was more than amazing, I felt like carrying the product with me everywhere I went.  My hives would be kept cool limiting the itchiness that comes with hives, and once the spray settled and dried the hives would also just vanish in the interim thereafter.  Another way I used this product is by spraying my legs off when I had just finished shaving them, so soothing and my legs ladies would thank me, by looking super smooth and cleanly shaving the following day without any dry flaking, irritated skin.  Then of course, since its summer now and I am a big fan of swimming you would often find me at the beach or in the swimming pool, and I could not keep myself from spraying my face off after stepping out of the pool or beach.


2 sprays of this product is about enough to cover my face and it’s real easy to use. 


I absolutely love this metal yes metal spray tin/can.  However, to me it seems to feel softer on one’s hand, I don’t know how, but it’s just pure luxury if you ask me!


This product contains soothing and anti-irritating properties proven by numerous scientific studies.  Avene Thermal Spring Water has a constant composition and the formula had been tested by Dermatologists and has been found to be a key element for sensitive, hypersensitive and allergic skin.

Price and Availability:

In South Africa the entire Avene range is available from Clicks stores nationwide.  The Avene Thermal Spring Water retails for R150 for a 150ml which is a reasonable price to me.

Directions for use:

Spray a fine mist onto your skin.  Wait a few minutes then pat dry, or if you like me; allow your skin to absorb the goodness of the Thermal Spring Water by itself.


Other uses of Avene Thermal Spring Water:

-To complete your makeup removal process

-Help contain facial redness

-When your skin is damaged or scraped badly

-Itching skin

-During Travel/After Exercise

-Diaper Rash


-After a surgical procedure

-Sensitive skin, weakened by age

-Oily skin


Would I recommend this product?

Yes, I would recommend this product.  Not only because the product itself could be used for multiple uses as previously explained, but also because it’s not expensive and its easily available and obtainable from any Clicks store.  And lastly, because it just works for my sensitive skin! I really have no cons of this product as I just grew to love it so much,  I can’t help by spray it onto my body each time I walk pass it ;-)  It’s a real must have for summer, so go out and get yourself a can ASAP.  Thank you Rubybox and Avene for allowing me this opportunity to test and review this amazing product and brand.


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