Review: We are Women (Lil-Lets) Products

Ladies, for me personally that time of the month is no joke and I really don't enjoy being on my period in all honesty.  But I have to add some feminine products on the market make it much more bearable to deal with my monthly`s.  With that being said, I have been sent a hamper of products' from the `We Are Women` team also known as Lil-lets South Africa to test, try and review and I was more than willing to give their products a go.

*Please note: the following review is my honest opinion and I am not writing sentences based on the free products I have received.

The `We are Women` website is very informative and so delightful to me, that I found it very refreshing to log on and browse.  For young ladies who want to know more about this very exciting new development please feel free to read the Pink Handbook on the `We are Women` site. Its amazing! ;-)

In the past I have used plenty of different brands of tampons, including Lil-lets and honestly I have found that although some tampons are cheaper than others, they might not work as well.  Meaning, that as the tampon absorbs fluid, it expands unevenly and might cause discomfort, or it might shed and you end up with a piece of tampon in the toilet pot as you remove it, and the other part in your hard.  Yuck right? Right.!  The Lil-lets product range consists of the following:

So you have to choose then pads or tampons and for most of us that decision is easy, but for me I opt for both at times. At a certain time of my monthly`s I prefer using sanitary pads and the other part I opt for tampons.  My choice: is Lil Lets tampons and you might ask yourself why Lil-Lets is South Africa`s number 1 tampon brand, here is why

About Lil-Lets Tampons:
- Tampons are designed by women (female gynaecologist) for women, who understand our needs.
-Lil Lets tampons contain 8 grooves, which allows for increased absorbency with maximum protection
-Tampons have a soft round tip with smooth finish for comfort and easy insertion. (see pictures below)
-Lil-Lets tampons expands with the width ways, which allows the tampon to fit your body and prevent any leakage.

My experience with the Nano-Tampons:
This tampon is so small but does provide some amount of protection, kind of similar to Lil-lets mini tampons which means if you have a light flow you should be using it. Opt for using it, on lighter days of your period. Do not use, when your period flow is medium or heavy, or it will lead to leakage.  Nano tampons pack size is really small and you can basically hide it in your one hand, really! That's how small the pack is, and it comes in a pack of 12 tampons.  Nano tampons come in mini-and regular sized.

Tampon is smaller than one of my rings, which is really small!

To find your perfect fit and flow tampon Lil-lets makes it easy for you, with color indicated packs to help (see below):  For more information go to:

My experience with Lil-lets applicator tampons:
Now please note, I am not a fan of applicator tampons, as I feel each one`s groove if `you know what I mean`, is different and trying to use an applicator to position that tampon just right, might not go accordingly.  ;-(  So, I tried again and at times it works and at times I fail so I am much more comfortable with inserting a tampon with no applicator.  Lil-lets applicators are of the best quality I have seen, as other applicator`s of other brands, tend to be softer and fold once you try using them and after a few try`s they generally just go soft.  With the lil-lets applicator they seem to have the same tension as a syringe (you know the ones you use to insert medicine into a baby`s mouth).  So to me, they are more steady and ensure for comfortable insertion of the tampon while giving you the best experience.  Applicators` are rather nice looking and come in a pearl kind of a colour tampons are positioned inside them, so you can easily pack them in when going to the gym or work etc.


New Products from Lil-Lets:
For me the new Feminine Hygiene Range from Lil-lets is a great combination of products. And the We are Women team were so generous that they sent me some of the products which I will review in detail below.  But first, let me clue you in on the new range of products from Lil-Lets feminine hygiene: there are crème and gel intimate washes, feminine powder, Easy glide gel, soothing tummy rub, and also feminine wipes.

My Experience with Crème and Gel Feminie Washes:
Both the Gel and Crème Wash come in a 150ml size, and retail for +/- R39.95 - R49.95 from Clicks stores.  The bottles are super slim and not too large but rather compact which means I can easily take it with me everywhere I go, on holiday, gym etc.  Each one of these gels contain deoguard which helps in controlling the rather unusual smells which comes with any woman's monthly`s. I found  I can easily use these intimate washes every day, since its mild and gentle enough to use daily. Intimate washes help to maintain the natural PH Balance of ones intimate area, which can easily be unbalanced by a number of things like use of antibiotics, heavily fragranced soaps and perhaps wiping wrongly -from back to front instead of front to back.  The crème intimate wash  is gentle scented and contains milk extracts and Vitamin B3 to gentle soothe and refresh the intimate area.  I found this intimate wash to be rather luxurious and lovely smelling and it doesn't give me any headaches at all.  The Gel intimate wash is fragrance free and comes enriched with rooibos extracts for gentle everyday protection and freshness.  The Intimate washes are easy to use too.  Squirt a drop or two onto your hand and massage with water onto your intimate area and rinse with clean water.

Intimate Care Crème Wash
Intimate care gel wash
Intimate care powder

My Experience with Intimate Powder and Intimate Wipes:
To me, the feminine powder has been the best product amongst those I received. I often find myself with my baby powder in hand, when its that time of the month- just being honest.  I am obsessed with not smelling anywhere close to foul and when on my monthly`s I tend to be worse with the baby powder.  After receiving and discovering the Lil-lets intimate powder I now have an acceptable replacement for my baby powder. The powder smells absolutely lovely and absorbs all moisture. I use it right after I have bathed or shower and I feel super confident thereafter.  ;-) Its gentle enough to use daily and also helps with reducing chafing and is talc and paraben free. As with the intimate washes the powder also contains deoguard which will help with odour control. The powder is also available from Clicks stores and retail for R39.95 and comes in a 100ml.  The container is also slim and compact easy enough to take all-over.

Would I recommend Lil-lets products?
Yes I would definitely recommend Lil-lets products.  Tampons are of the best quality amongst all the tampons.  They fit a women`s body perfectly, and retain their shape whilst absorbing moisture. I still am not a big fan of applicator tampons though, as for me they take too much time though, but I feel for beginners its a must, as its a nice guide to get used to using tampons.

The intimate range of products are great to use too, as they don't only need to be in use while on your period but also, is sensitive and gentle enough to use daily.  So for me, every women should have them on her shopping list.  They work wonderfully and they don't cost that much!

Here`s to looking fab, and doing normal things, even when we as women are on our period! ;-)

Thank you to the `We are Women` team for the opportunity to review and test these great products!
You get my thumbs up!  ;-)  Products get my 5/5!


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