McNab`s SuperCharge Energy Drink

Yesterday, I received a parcel and whilst firstly being sceptical on opening it, I had been rather intrigued to do just that, open it.  Once I opened the parcel, I got a cardboard carton inside, containing something which made me even more fascinated about what exactly it was.  A note on the card read; `we hope you enjoy our new product- McNabs`.

Guess what?  McNab`s Energy drink is the first energy drink produced in South Africa.  The SuperCharge drink has a refreshing raspberry flavour to it, with a slight sparkle.  Best news ever: it has not junk in it at all! Its free of artificial flavourings, colourants,  and preservatives and contains 25% less kilojoules/100ml than any other energy drink- yay, to great body`s right!

*McNab`s SuperCharge Energy Drink is suitable for vegans and Halaal persons, so absolutely anyone can enjoy a refreshing, natural, great tasting energy boost! ;-)

Main Ingredients: Guarana, Green Tea & Coffee Extract.

I am so purchasing more of these energy drinks, cause I can see myself using it on hikes, at the gym and even just around the house, especially over the busy upcoming festive season!  ;-)  Its not expensive at all, so it wont break your bank.  The Energy drink comes in a 275ml can or packs of 4 cans and is available from leading supermarkets, at a recommended selling price of R19.95

Thank you McNab`s for allowing me the opportunity to try your new product.  P.S: I absolutely adore the mini motivational cards that came along with the Energy drink! What a great combination to live my #BigLife everyday, with positive motivation alongside great products to boost my everyday energy!

Todays` motivation: `If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you`.

The McNab`s product range consists of SuperCharge Tabs, SuperCharge Liquid Energy, SuperCharge High Energy Bars and this brand new SuperCharge Energy Drink.  For more information on McNab`s please see: .

Here`s to a New Natural Taste of Energy!

5/5 for this product
Drink chilled or after refrigerating for at least 6 hours.
The design of the bottle also gets my vote, not bulky at all, like some other energy drinks and the design is oh so trendy with a leave print design on it.  What was very appealing to me about this energy drink was the taste, it was not sweet at all, and also the sparkle was not that much, which I loved.


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