Essence - Valentine- who Cares?

Essence has a new collection just in time for Valentines day this year.  Its mixing up the old with a touch of new too, with the collection boasting two eyelash versions, click and go nails with a stiletto design and also a face & body tattoo stamp, with the oh so famous infinity sign.  This collection is geared mostly towards BFF`s than the usual old guy and girl story when it comes to Valentines day.  Colours in the collection include, blue, red, and also metallic beige and khaki tones to bring a range of style.

Below, I describe some of the new products and also do feel free to tell me what you think of the collection.  For me, I am definitely liking a few of the new things, especially the body stamp and click and go nails, aren't they just divalicious?

First up, the metallic eyeshadow sticks.  Retails for R47.95 The eyeshadow sticks come in metallic beige or shimmering khaki.


Next up is the Essence False lashes which come in two versions. 1- good girls go to heaven and 2- bad girls go everywhere ;-)  Don't you just love it! Lashes retail for about R57.95 per pair.

The Liquid lipstick is a must.  It retails for about R47.95 and comes in two kinds of reds, light and dark, with a mirror shine gloss effect for that ultimate wow lips on Valentines day! Yay! ;-)

Hope you too are loving this collection, cause I certainly am! ;-)  Also included in the range is nail polishes, powders and eu de toilette spray. 
Its affordable and readily available from Clicks and Dischem stores nationwide.


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