New Year, New Me!

So if you are anything like me, I planned on detoxing during January.  I saw my aunt had lemons in water in a jug in her fridge in the first week of January, and I decided then and there, this would be a great way to detox.  So, I opted for a combo of cucumber and lemon and thus far I have been sticking to it.  This water really does not taste bad, its easy to refill just add more water, and you can keep your cucumber and lemons in your bottle for up to 24hours.  Other combinations include, cucumber and mint, apples and cinnamon sticks and also peaches and apples.  Love it, or hate it, I am sticking to it!

One day I found myself grabbing the baby oil from a Jet stores and I must say, I am not regretting this purchase at all.  It is such a multi-tasking product that every lady should own some baby oil.  I use it in my bath water, to give my skin extra TLC, and even on an cotton bud to remove stubborn eyeliner at the end of each day.  You can also use it to sooth sun-burnt skin and obviously it smells very lovely too.  200ml bottle retails for R19.99 from Jetstores!


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