Review: Clere Radiance BB Cream

BB Cream is all about covering up blemishes as it’s a multi-functioning beauty balm with both make-up and skincare properties.  BB Cream is meant to cover blemishes, imperfections and redness, whilst brighten up your complexion. 

Ladies, have you ever wanted to own a BB Cream that's a good quality, but wont break your bank account?  Well, Clere has a BB Cream and it retails for about +/- R50 at retailers and the results are great.  Clere`s BB Cream comes in two shades, Light and Dark.  For me, I only tested the Light of course, but I am more than sure, that the dark would suit the more caramel toned skins.  I have been using the BB cream for more than a month now, and the bottle is still really full since you don't need much for each application.  For application purposes, you don't need more than 3-4 pumps or squirts of the BB Cream.  For smooth application I use a sponge to apply all of my BB Creams`.  The Clere BB Cream smells really lovely, as with all of Clere products and still has that familiar lemony scent to it -such freshness.  So if you not into lemons you might not like this product as much.

Swatches (light on the left, and dark on the right)

Gives a matte finish
Helps to control oily skin
Smells lovely
Lasts long on skin, so no need to reapply
Covers dark marks and pigmentation
Helps with oily skin
Skin is left looking radiant
Affordable, retails at +/- R49.99 – R59.99
Compact bottle, easy to take allover
Only comes in two shades, light and dark which leaves some ladies out of the loop when it comes to perfectly matching their skin to either one of these two colours.
Has a lemony smell, so some ladies might not like it
If bottle lays long, BB cream starts to crack.
How to use Clere BB Cream:
After you have cleansed your skin (I use Clere facial wash) pat skin dry and apply toner as per usual.  Then apply BB Cream (I use about 3 blobs – with a facial sponge) and smooth it onto my face area and neck area in a circular motion. 
BB Cream applied, and skins` appearance still looks natural
My Experience:
I fell in love with this BB Cream almost immediately after I started using it.  Firstly, it has that lemony smell which is usual when it comes to the Clere Radiance brand.  Also, this BB Cream has a matte finish, thanks to the micro sponges which absorbs and helps with oil control and for me that’s a must, since I have oily skin.  Not only will this BB Cream cover up blemishes and dark marks, but with an SPF of 30 your skin is sure to be protected all day and night long and with Super Fruit Serum your skin is sure to be evened out over time leaving your skin looking at its best if you catch my drift.   This BB cream blends easily, and has at first a creamy consistency but then tends to get runny, as you apply it.  For a 30ml size and for its affordable price, it really works well and lasts all day on my face.  I like that it doesn’t tend to fade in certain areas and become oily in other areas of my face, as with some other BB creams.  For me, this is a winner product as I could pick it up easily from a shopping outlet and not pay too much for it, and it actually does what its suppose to do – Cover Blemishes and dark marks and help with my pigmented skin. 
For me, at the price this product retails for, I would definitely recommend trying it, it’s worth every cent.  Plus if it doesn’t work for you, you could always just pass it off to someone, as it won’t break your budget.
*Product gets a 4.5/5 for me


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