Conditioner is a MUST

If you have only been using Shampoo in your weekly hair cleansing routine, think again!  Shampoo not only drains moisture from your hair and scalp it leaves hair brittle and exposed to any damaging elements.  Conditioner on the other hand holds tons of benefits where hair health is concerned.  Not only does it restore moisture and makes hair smoother, it also improves the elasticity of the hair, making it stronger and causing it to shed less which leads to less breakage, easy styling and overall hair growth.

After shampooing always condition your hair.  Whether your hair is natural, chemically treated or worn in a protective style.

What to look for in choosing a good conditioner:  Look for the following: plant oils such as olive oil, argan oil and monoï oil; amino acids (adds strength); panthanol (a vitamin that promotes hair growth); and polymers (moisturizing agents). 

Apart from the various ingredients one has the further choice between normal conditioner, leave-in conditioner and conditioning treatments. 

*The rule of thumb is that a normal conditioner is oil-based, a leave-in conditioner is water-based and a conditioning treatment contains additional protein.

Which conditioner should you be using, you might ask?

If your hair is not dry, try:
Normal conditioner is recommended for hair that is not extremely dry.  Because it is oil-based it should be rinsed out of the hair after two or three minutes to prevent hair from becoming heavy. 

If your hair is dry try:
The water-based leave-in conditioner is recommended for hair that has tendencies to be very dry.  Due to its water-base it easily penetrates the hair shaft without making hair heavy.  It is best applied before styling and will leave hair with an extra gloss. 

If your hair is damaged or chemically treated try:

Deep conditioning treatment is highly recommended if your hair suffered damage from chemical treatment.  The additional protein is deeply absorbed due to the longer leave-in time, usually 15-20 minutes, thereby repairing hair and restoring the moisture-balance of the hair.

ORS has a range of conditioners available for every hair type, why not give them a try? ORS Products are available from Clicks stores and most other shopping retailers.  See below for pictures of products mentioned and I hope this post gives you as my readers some idea of why you should be using Conditioner on your hair every week! ;-)

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