Review: ORS Argan Oil Neutralizing Shampoo, Fortifying Conditioner and Fortifying Hair Oil

Retail prices:

Shampoo – R59.99

Condtioner – R59.99

Hair Oil – R40

*A No-lye relaxer kit is also available at R84 but I won’t be reviewing or testing the relaxer kit.

I was sent the ORS formerly `Organic Root Stimulator` Argan Oil Neutralizing Shampoo, Fortifying Conditioner and Fortifying Hair oil to test and review.  And I must be honest and say, it took me almost two months to come up with a proper review which would do these products justice since I have mixed opinions. 

About ORS

Although ORS products have been known for their use of Olive oil it can be said that the new Argan Oil Range is one for the books.  As African women, we often suffer from hair loss, brittle hair, chemically treated hair, dry scalps and all kinds of hair issues, as most products don’t tend to cater to our specific hair which can be anything from kinky to curly, to dry and moistured. 

What is Argan Oil about?

Argan Oil is a natural product from Morocco`s Argan trees and is known for being used to treat both the skin and hair.  Argan oil is non-greasy and rich in Vitamin E and Antioxidants to help moisturise and make ones skin and hair feel soft.  With regular use of this oil it will prevent hair damage and improve hair elasticity adding shine over time.

My Experience with these products:

Shampoo and Conditioner – Firstly I love that the bottles as they are a decent size each of 250 ml and comes with an easy tab to open and close, which means no mess no fuss.  The packaging made me very excited as the shiny bronzy colour of the shampoo reminds me of royalty and so I could not wait to test and try these products.  The conditioner although in a white bottle, smells so lovely that I couldn’t stop using this product as it simply smelled that good! ;-)  Once I opened the tiny tab, my whole room smelled of the goodness of the conditioner.  Love it!

Hair Oil:  I must admit, I struggled to twist the cap off, as it had been tightened so much, but once opened the aroma caught me. Although, the smell of the argan oil might come off too much for those with sensitive noses. 

Texture, During and After Use:

Shampoo:  The shampoo is yellow in colour, and has a runny texture to it.  I must add that it takes a good amount of the shampoo to take on my hair, before I can actually wash my scalp etc.  So to ensure my hair is clean, I had to shampoo and repeat for quite a while.

Conditioner:  The conditioner is white in colour, and has more of a creamier texture to it. This conditioner smells absolutely amazing, and lasts on your hair for about a week, before the smell begins to fade.  It moisturises my hair well and once I rinsed it off, my hair was left soft and shiny and manageable to style as per usual. 

Hair Oil:  Translucent in colour the hair oil is my favourite product out of the bunch.  It comes in a 100 ml bottle which is also clear so you can easily see how much you have used of the product.  Not a lot of hair oil is required for each use.  And mostly, I ended up using this oil on my hair after I have styled and dried my hair.  The results were amazing.  Shiny, soft hair that’s left stronger than ever (after I have continually used the product for almost 2 months).


Affordable products

Repairs weak hair over time

Restores Hair`s PH Balance

Improved hair health

Smells lovely

Prevents hair breakage

Makes hair soft, shiny and manageable


Require a decent amount of shampoo before I can actually start to wash my hair.

Hair gets oily soon after application of oil, so watch the amount you apply

Hair smells stale after two days of washing it.

Would I recommend these products?

Shampoo: yes and no.  Yes if you hair is not that dry and brittle, as this shampoo requires quite some repeated application, before it actually took on my hair, so it might end up stripping already dry hair and scalp.

Conditioner: yes, because it smells lovely, and because it does what it’s supposed to, moisturises the hair and scalp, leaving it clean, soft and manageable.

Hair Oil: Most definitely – the hair oil also smells absolutely wonderful, and not a lot is required for each use.  Adds shine and helps strengthen the hair from top to bottom.


Thank you ORS for allowing me to test and review these wonderful Argan Oil Hair Care Products.

*These ORS Products get a 3.5 / 5 from me.


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