Review: Clicks Afri True Hair Care Products

Brand: Clicks Afri True
Availability: All Clicks Stores
Products: Moisturising Hair Lotion 250 ml, Beeswax 125ml, Penetrating Temple and Nape Balm 125ml
Price: R26.95, R20.95 and R39.95

About these products:
Clicks Afri True was released earlier in 2016, but not too long ago.  And immediately when I saw these products, I had been interested and just couldn't wait to get them from my nearest clicks store.  The first products I purchased from the Clicks Afri True range was the Heat Protection serum and Polishing serum.  You can read more about that by following this link -

What I love about the Clicks Afri True products is that it caters to natural hair, and also relaxed hair.  Afri True products are affordable, and can easily be purchased from any Clicks store.  Also, these products smell absolutely amazing, with a unique distinct scent which makes it very different from any other hair care brand.  Clicks Afri True Hair care products also contain all the oils and ingredients which promote healthy, invigorating and stronger hair such as Olive and Argan oils, carrot and jojoba.

Afri True Moisturing Hair Lotion: (contains Olive & Argan Oils)
This product I have only been using for about a month, and although it smells good and its affordable, I still prefer other products to in from the Afri True range.  For my hair, I need plenty of moisture, and the hair lotion I found can be slightly drying, unless I apply a huge amount to my hair, and I really don't like overusing a product, as it leads to build up, dandruff and other hair issues.  However, the hair lotion comes in a generous size-250ml, so it will last you some time.  I usually use it to finish off a look, or even as a setting lotion before I set my hair in curlers or bantu knots.  It works well for these purposes.  This hair lotion is good to use, as a heat protectant, as it seals in moisture and adds a water resistant barrier to your hair strands, however again, don't use too much product. Texture: Smooth white creamish lotion, easily absorbed into hair.

Afri True Beeswax: (contains Carrot & Argan Oils)
I am absolutely hooked on the beeswax.  I use it to set my hair before I do bantu knots, or use curlers, and my hair comes out perfect.  Don't use to much, as it might cause build up and also your hair will take ages to dry if you overuse on the beeswax.  The smell of this product = AMAZING! All you need to do, is rub a generous amount between the palms of your hands, and smooth it onto your hair.  Also, I use the beeswax on my scalp when I have braids in, as it helps to moisturise my scalp and keeps my scalp healthy.  The beeswax also provides shine, so your hair wont ever look ashy and dried out.  I also found this product helps with fighting frizz for me - which is a definite bonus when it comes to my natural hair and humid weather in Cape Town.  My hair can very easily go from curly to all bushy and frizzy, thanks to the weather in the `mother city`.  Texture:  Coarse like texture, once rubbed in between palms becomes smoother and translucent.

(Left)Afri True Penetrating Temple and Nape Balm  - (Right) Afri True Beeswax

Afri True Penetrating Temple and Nape Balm: (contains Jojoba & Argan Oils)
Don't think that because this product says temple and nape, you should only use it in those areas.  No!  I use this product all over my head; my hairline, the nape of my head and also on the sides of my head.  Very important, always maintain massaging your scalp and along with this product your hair will grow, causing it to be stronger than before.  I also use this product to tame my fly-always as that's always an issue for me personally.  You don't need much of this product to hold down your fly-ways or tame a difficult hairline, and the fact that this product is translucent means it wont cause flaking that's visible. Texture: Smooth, gel like formula.

For me overall these three products gets a 4/5.  I would definitely be repurchasing any of these products again in future, its affordable, and smells lovely.  Thank you to Clicks for producing these awesome products.  *None of these products were sponsored in any way.


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