Monday, 12 September 2016

Tips for Sleeping Better

Recently, I have been finding it hard to get enough sleep, and besides drinking way too much coffee during the day, I found some other reasons why I might not be getting enough sleep.  Anyway, I thought I would compile a list of tips for sleeping better and I will tell you what i'm guilty of.  Hope this helps someone as much as it did me. ;-)
1.  Avoid sweets and sweet things at night
Sugar is upsetting to one's body, and so raises your blood sugar levels.  This will definitely lead to some tossing and turning, and I am very guilty of this - as i never say no to chocolate at night. Guilty

2.  Be consistent
Your body will respond better if you follow a routine when it comes to sleeping.  So let's say in bed by 8, reading till 9, then sleeping thereafter.  Less `deurmekaar` nights, would lead to better sleep. Guilty

3.  Eat dinner at least 3-4 hours before bed
Undigested food in your stomach, will lead you to feel bloated and full, which could become uncomfortable and make you uneasy when it comes to sleeping, or trying to sleep.

4.  Avoid mental stimulants
Watching violent movies or tv shows that leads you to feel fearful and scared, is not a good way of winding down, before bed.  So avoid it at all costs.  Try watching tv shows or movies that are more relaxing etc. Guilty

5.  Turn off the Lights!
Turn off all devices and lights including phones, alarm clocks, computers, since even the smallest amount of light can keep you from getting a good night's rest. Guilty

6.  Eliminate all Noise
Remove things from your bedroom which make a noise, like vibrating phones, ticking clocks etc. Some noises might not wake you up from your sleep, but it could be disruptive when it comes to you sleeping.

7.  Try using essential oils/ pillow mists
Some essential oils such as lavender leads to calmness, trying using a pillow mist that's made of lavender.  It will definitely add to sleeping better.

8.  Unwind your mind
Yes, just like your body needs to unwind your mind also needs to unwind.  So try meditating or even listening to soothing sounds, like birds or dolphins in nature.  To me, people are different - so listen to music or sounds that gets you into a much more relaxing state before you get into bed.  That way you will be relaxed when your head hits the pillow.

9.  Avoid stimulants
Try to avoid stimulants in the evening.  Coffee, energy drinks, sweets and chocolate are the kind of things to avoid.  This will only provide a short bout of energy and once it wears off, you will feel even more tired. So don't even start!  Guilty.  I always have coffee before bed.

Follow these tips and I am more than sure that will get a good night's rest.  So it's definitely clear why I haven't been able to get a good night's rest, but I am surely going to work on getting there. If you have any more useful tips to add on, please feel free to do so! ;-)

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