29 Things Ive learned in 29 Years!

So in exactly 104 days I will be turning the big 30.  Yes 30!  Although I am approaching my 30th I am more than excited when it comes to celebrating that actual day.  And let me just say, in the almost 30 years of my existance I have learned a number of things, but for now let me stick to keeping it minimal at least, so you don't have to take ages to get through reading this post! ;-)

1.  Remember to always say please and thank you. It goes a long way.

2.  Tell people how much they mean to you, you love or miss them.  We never do know when the last time might be.

3.  It's true what they say, that with time, you don't keep contact with all your friends, and the smaller your circle the less your stress and worries will be.

4.  Love: If it's meant to be it will surely be, so dont fuss too much over breakups.

5.  Enjoy school, varsity, college.  It will turn out to be the best days of your life.

6.  Don't take yourself too seriously.

7.  Fight your fears every single one you have. Tick, I finally went on a rollercoaster ride :-)

8.  Starting over more than once is really okay.

9.  Always, always be grateful.

10.  Trust is easily broken with, one lie having to cover the next. So be honest especially with yourself.

11.  Ladies never wear a really short skirt on a windy day. Point is the wind will definitely blow your skirt up and reveal your behind! Moral of the story: rather be safe than sorry :-)

12.  Dont ever compare YOU or your situation to others. You are where you are supposed to be.

13.  Mistakes are how you learn.

14.  If you have the support and love from your family consider yourself very lucky.

15.  Look after your body. You only get one!

16.  Take chances,  and do something you wouldn't ordinarily have done then tick it off your list :-)

17. Eat carbs and live a little.

18.  Waking up early will always give you a headstart. So dont think of hitting the snooze button tomorrow morning.

19.  Wearing your headphones, and shutting out reality every now and then is okay.

20.  When you die you die alone. So its okay to own nice material things but friendship, love and family are worth much more.

21.  Stay positive no matter what your situation, someone else in the world is facing something way worse than you are right now.

22.  Share your story. Someone else can always learn from your trials.

23.  If you were wrong, say sorry.

24.  Drink your 8 glasses if water, pray to God and always respect others.

25.  Dont continue procrastinating. Just do it! You know, that thing you have always wanted to do.

26.  Dont fuss about your salary it doesn't say whether you are successful or not.

27.  Read! Whether its books, newspapers or whatever. It will broaden your thoughts and take you to another world.

28.  Never hate people. Yes, some people are idiotic but there really shouldn't be a reason to hate anyone.

29.  No matter what, just put on your best dress and show up.  Not cool to be all talk and a no show.


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