Movie Review: Noem my Skollie

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Director: Daryne JoshuaCAST: Dann-Jaques Mouton, Gantane Kusch, Christian Bennett, Gershwin Mias, Abduraghmaan Adams, Oscar Petersen, Tarryn Wyngaard, Peter Butler, Irshaad Ally, Charlton George, Lee-Ann van Rooy, Jill Levenberg, Sandi Schultz
Running Time: 150 minutes
Classification: 16 S L V N D

Without giving away too much, I had been warned that I would cry during this movie, and to me that came as a surprise. As one wouldnt sum up Noem my Skollie as the usual tear jerking kind of a movie. The movie is set in the olden times playing itself off in Athlone, Woodstock and Pollsmoor Prison.

Each part of the movie is divided into chapters just like a story and each part, reveals and delves deeper into the main character Dann-Jaques Mouton, who plays the character AB Lonzi. Lonzi just like many other young coloured boys tries his best to stay clear of gangs but in the end finds himself in such a situation that to survive in prison he brings/offers his story telling skill as a way of survival.  Eventually, having survived prison he is released after two years without becoming  part of any of the notorious 26, 27 or 28 gangs.  Lonzi soon thereafter find himself back at a crossroad if either performing another crime or turning his back on his 3 best friends.  Does he join them on thst faithful night or not? All I can say is go and watch the movie already cause as it turns out, whoever goes went with for the last ride also ends up getting the death penalty.

One finds plenty of familiar faces in this movie which makes things interesting as characters portray roles which one wouldnt usually associte them with.  Since the movie is Afrikaans and sometimes Cape Flats Afrikaans is spoken, very thoughtful English subtitles have been provided which makes it easier to understand, but still doesn't explain the feeling of being able to relate to the people, situation, the language, the colouredness if I can call it that.

This movies is a must watch for all South Africans not.just coloured people so just go out and see it. I wouldn't advise 16 year olds and younger to see it as it has some violent scenes and sexual acts.  The movie ends with a referral to the writer, John W Fredericks and is actually based on his life and experiences.
Rating: 4.9/5


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