Thursday, 23 February 2017

Books: What I am currently reading, and what's next..

So if you didnt know, im quite the bookworm, and I got both these books from my mom a while back, and whilst I didn't have time late last year to read them, I decided that this year I would make more time for reading. 📖 😁 There is literally nothing as satisfying as the smell of a book especially in these electronic times, when even books are available on kindle, tablets, laptops etc. I appreciate reading so much before bed, as its a method of relaxing me so when I do close my eyes I fall asleep almost immediately. And come on people its not necessary to read the entire book all at once, pace yourself and I am sure you will learn to enjoy reading.

The book im currently reading is written by Martina Reilly-`Things I want you to know` - Although its the first book from this author which I am reading I quite enjoy her writing style.  Immediately since I started reading this book, I find it difficult to put it down after each read.  I find myself wanting to read more and more. All I know thus far, is that its about a wife who passes on, leaving behind her husband and two young kids, who are 8 and 6 months old respectively.  However, she leaves behind a put together book for her husband, on what to do when it comes to the kids, things they need and like to eat, what not to do when it comes to dressing them, what tv shows they love and also dates. Yes, you read right, dates. Imagine your other half passes on, and he or she writes you a book on dates she/he would like you to go on, and with whom... Isn't this exciting? ! -Rhetorical question. 😙Can't wait to get back to this book tonight, and see what else unfolds. This is a must read eventhough, I am only 4 chapters into the book, go out and get it, NOW! 

The next book on my reading list is by Nora Roberts-`Convincing Alex`- Since I haven't started reading this book, here is an online summary of what its about.  Source: Google
Falling for Rachel: she was a cool, classy public defender who was used to being in control. But that was before she and rugged bar owner Zach were assigned joint custody of his kid brother, and she discovered that the heart could not be overruled. Convincing Alex: When Alex mistakenly arrests headstrong Bess for soliciting, she decides the sexy detective is perfect for her research -- and for herself. Now all that's left is convincing Alex.

 I hope you enjoyed reading about my current reading situation, and if you have any books you think I might be interested in reading, please do leave me a comment.  

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