Review: ORS Coconut oil Hair Food

Brand: ORS formerly known as Organic Root Stimulator
Product: Coconut Oil Hair Food
Availability: Clicks stores nationwide
Price: R17.95
Size: 125 ml
I was recently convinced by a a women I didn't know to purchase this hair food in Clicks as she claimed its her second time purchasing it, and its well worth every cent.  So I jumped on that wagon, since I found myself in the oh so famously natural/ethnic hair product aisle in a local clicks in search of products to soothe my dry hair.  *p.s sometimes us naturals swear that we have no products to use, but in actual fact its the temptation to get some new products that leads us to the local haircare outlets. 😉😜

Petrolatum, Paraffinum Liquidum, Parfum, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Benzyl Salicylate, Coumarin, Isoeugenol, Limonene, Linalool.

About the product:
ORS Coconut oil hair food is manufactured by ORS formerly Organic Root stimulator. The Coconut oil Hair Food, comes in a 125ml tub, which is a decent size if you ask me, and you really don't need much of the hair food to nourish and give your hair some shine.  I usually part my hair in two parts, half up and half down, and use about a teaspoon for each half to give it the ultimate cover.  This hair food works well for me, as I apply it on my damp hair, before i roll it and after my hair is dry from being stretched as it gives my hair added shine and also protects my hair by nourishing it, leading to less hair breakage. 👍Remember, you don't need to apply hair food every day just when it's required and that's different for everyone as we have different hair textures and needs etc.  Unlike most coconut oil hair products, this product really doesn't have much of a coconut scent to it, which I like, cause I find coconut oil too sweet and it at times gives me headaches.  This product has a sweet but not too overwhelming scent which is really more subtle than most products.  The contents of this Coconut oil hair food is translucent in colour and has a texture similar to most hair foods with a non-sticky after effect to it.  You can easily purchase this hair food from Clicks stores nationwide and its really affordable at less than R20 a tub.  Just a tip from me to you, to finish off your natural hair styles and for easier styling in the morning, apply some hair food to your ends of your hair and also your edges in the evenings and close up with your satin scarf. Your hair will absorb all the goodness this coconut oil hair food has to offer, leaving your hair softer and easier to style.

I would really repurchase this product in future. It gets an overall 3.5/5 from me as its affordable, works well with my hair care needs and its easily available from Clicks Outlets. Hope you all enjoyed this review! 😄


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