Review: Avon Gentle Moisture Range

Brand: Avon South Africa
Products: Face Cream, Facial Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser and Family Wash
Availability: or Avon Outlets and Avon Representatives
Price: Currently retails at 69.99 for any two
I can finally admit, since it is now 2017 and a new year that I am a skincare product junkie. Not because, I just love skincare products I love looking after my skin. I can't stand pimples or breakouts and as soon as I get to experience a breakout, yes I also experience skin breakouts I jump into action mode. But it can also be said that I start fighting against a breakout as soon as I feel one approaching on my face. I use everything from day and night creams, skin oil, eye serum and facial wash as part of my daily skincare routine.  

Recently, I purchased the Gentle moisture range from Avon which contains oat and chamomile extracts, and I must add it works wonders on my skin.  The gentle moisture range is perfectly suited for my combination facial skin and my allover sensitive skin when it comes to my body.  
The products currently retails at R69.99 for two.

Gentle Moisture Facial Cream: It's non sticky, is easily absorbed into the skin and doesn't leave behind any residue. Comes in a 100ml which can easily be taken allover with you to gym, work and weekends away.

Gentle Moisture Facial Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser in one; I enjoy using this product as it doesn't make too much foam, which would require tons and tons of water to wash the product off one's face. It's a smooth, not too foamy, conditioner like texture, which cleanses, tones and moisturises the skin. And trust me, you won't need any moisturiser after you wash your face with this product. Usually, after I wash my face it goes red, but with this cleanser, toner and moisturiser my skin doesn't react to it, must be that soothing chamomile extract in this product. 👍😉 My facial skin is left cleansed, moisturised without any shine and smelling lovely.  The oat extracts in this product helps with exfoliating my skin without actually scrubbing or any harsh particles causes damage to my skin.  If i can let you in on a little secret I have already purchased my second bottle of Gentle Moisture Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser as I just cannot seem to get enough of its goodness, and my face is thanking me for it! 

Gentle Moisture Family wash: This is definitely becoming my go to product when it comes to taking a bath. What a generous size firstly coming in at 400ml it will last me quite some time, which gets my vote at its price. So get yours now! Secondly, this product is safe enough for all members of your family whether you be young or old.  Sensitive skins will love this product. The chamomile in this family wash is perfect for soothing young skins, and with this product I can easily skip on applying moisturiser afterwards as my skin is left silky soft and smooth.  Somehow the family wash provides some means of bubbles so I am sure you would be able to use it in the shower too. 

Hope you all enjoyed my review on these new skin and body products from avon #avonsa #gentlemoisture #nadineknowsbeautyblog Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below. Love 😊


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