Currently Testing: Beaucience Cleansing Gel/ Day & Night Cream

With Winter taking its toll on my skin, I am finding it a breeze in testing and reviewing the Beaucience Day & Night cream for both Normal and Combination Skin. This Day & Night cream is so creamy and smooth and absorbs into my skin very easily without leaving it dry or on the other end too oily. So far so good! 
 Since I absolutely live for Facial cleansing products, because I am a firm believer in not cleaning your skin with soap, no, no and no - I was very excited in trying out this Facial Cleansing Gel. Its really economical in that one doesn't need too much of it, to actually get the job done and cleanse your face. It smells amazing and contains all the goodness like Organic Green Tea, Ylang Ylang and essential oils so my skin needs for it to look its best this winter and post-winter.

Photo Illustrates the texture of the Day & Night Cream


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