Public Holiday: We Celebrate Youth Day 2017 Tomorrow in South Africa

So as we celebrate Youth Day 2017 in South Africa Tomorrow, (Please read this: ) , to get a better idea and understanding of what Youth Day is all about.

Since my father was very involved in the political scene, its a day I remember with both a smile and some sadness. Sadness because so many young people lost their lives back then, and joy because we as another generation of young people get to celebrate small wins such as being able to read, study and go and be even better than our forefathers were ever meant to be. 😉

I will not only do some political reading tomorrow, but also enjoy my Essentials Magazine in the comfort of a warm bed all snuggled up, while watching the Cape Town winter weather outside. This month if you hurry, you get yourself a free lipstick 💄worth R55 rand from Essence Cosmetics SA.  I look forward to this as I am still at work right at this moment, finishing up some things.

So with that being said, enjoy your Youth Day tomorrow all my fellow South Africans!


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