Currently Testing: Afriderm - Eye Cream and Serum Concentrate

Please note: This is a sponsored post
So the past two weeks myself and my mom have been testing the Afriderm - Active Care for Dark Skin Eye Cream and Serum Concentrate. Whilst the eye cream focuses specifically on the eye area, the Serum concentrate we use all over our face and also the neck area. Considering that we stay in South Africa and our nation is made up of all kinds of shades/tones of skin colors I think it was really clever of Afriderm skincare to launch products focusing on the darker skin tones. Myself and my mom are neither black in skin tone, but we are coloured and that doesn't qualify us to fall into the white category when it comes to skin tones etc. Dark skin often needs special care thanks to its melanin factor.

For more on Afriderm Skincare click the link below:

Likes so far:
Eye cream and serum doesnt leave my skin sticky
Serum concentrate works well on my dry and sensitive patches of skin
Products smell lovely
Eye cream can be applied day and night time.
Convenient in size, can take it all over
Beautiful Packaging
Afriderm has a range of face and body care products available


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