New Products from Bramley Cosmetics

First up, a beautiful gift set, in Tissue Oil variant, just in time for Mother's day this year. How beautiful is the packaging? I absolutely love this gift set, so much that I am getting myself one to use. Bramley products never disappoints, as its value for money products. My mom is going to love this gift on mother's day. A lovely hand cream and tissue oil makes up the power combo when it comes to taking care of my moms hands and body this coming winter. And how clever of Bramley cosmetics to carry the floral packaging of the box over and onto the products. It looks absolutely amazing! All Bramley products are available from Pep stores nationwide so go on get your mom a little something-something before Mothers day. Retails at R24.99 per set

 Secondly, anyone who knows me well would know how much I love the Bramley Magnolia skincare range available from Pep. I can't go one month without the body butter or powder. Now, Bramley has broadened the product range by adding Magnolia Scented cleansing wipes, which too is a huge hit. Just to show you all how well these wipes work, I took one of my favorite pairs of falsies and cleaned off some eye makeup. Look at the results, as they speak for this product. The pack size is so convenient and cute that you would want to take these wipes all over with you.


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