I want to need this: New Bramley Hand Santisers

Brand: Bramley Cosmetics
Product: Hand Sanitisers
Variants: Magnolia and Floral
Availability: Pep Stores Nationwide
Price: R9.99 each
Size: 60ml

How innovative has Bramley Cosmetics been lately you might be thinking, because that's exactly what I've been thinking when I recently got to try out their Cleansing Magnolia wipes not too long ago. And here they`ve launched yet another new offering. You go Bramley. Better yet, these sanitisers are just perfect for us Capetonians who should still be trying to save water and be water wise, even though we've gotten the all clear.

About the Sanitisers: These sanitisers were especially designed to clean and remove excess germs from one's hands and skin, especially when water, soap and towels are not readily available. So tip: keep one in your car why don't you. Your hands will be left instantly clean and refreshed and since these offerings are enriched with Aloe and Glycerin, smoothness and moisture won't be too far off.

Bramley Magnolia Hand Sanitiser: with heart notes of peach, magnolia, jasmine, ylang ylang it reveals a creamy floral character to lift your senses.

Bramley Floral Hand Sanitiser: A warm floral fragrance, filled with notes of jasmine, peach, sandalwood, cedarwood, vanilla and musk.

Bramley products are not tested on animals, and contain only approved pharmaceutical grade ingredients, FDA approved colourants and no animal extracts.


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