Review: Clairol Nice n Easy Hair Color

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Brand: Clairol
Range: Nice n Easy
Product: New and Improved Clairol Nice n Easy Hair Color
Color: 9 B Light Beige Blonde

Product Claims: To allow the user to color their hair confidently in their very own home, with Clairol Nice n Easy Hair Color

More about the product:

My Experience with the product:
First off, I was extremely impressed with the beautiful packaging of the product. I loved everything about it, as its new and unlike any other hair colors on the markets, packaging. It resembles flowers and blooming of flowers, with gold accents and reminds one of the luxurious feel of a glossy magazine.

Things I liked about this product:
-The packaging
-The kit and the clear instructions
-Free gloves
-The conditioning creme (no 3 in kit)
-Hair color is enough for a full head of hair, or two applications of ombre styling.
-Safe enough to use on natural / virgin hair
-Conditions in every step

Things I disliked about this product:
-This hair color smelled rather strong and overpowering (chemical like smell), and hardly had the mentioned floral smell to it
-Things got kind of messy, since the hair color was runny, and dripped on my bathroom floor

The kit includes a pair of gloves, and steps one thru to three products on how to go about coloring your hair at home with ease. Still you can see the flower theme is carried thru onto the products of the kit, which I love.

The Instructions are very simples, and easy to follow. You have to squeeze Tube one, into the bottle numbered two, the developer and shake, until the color develops, then most of the work is done. Hereafter, you can easily start to color your hair, and once rinsed, you go ahead and apply the conditioning cream numbered three, then rinse and style as desired, whether it be heat styled or not.

To watch a video of me coloring my hair, you know what to do ( click the link below):
Watch to see me color my hair with the Clairol Nice

My Before photo below, clearly illustrates my dark chocolate brown hair. My thinking was really that my hair would come out on the blonder side, however, the 9B color Light Beige Blonde color actually lighten my brown hair, and made the parts I colored much more of a reddish brown, or auburn if I could say that.

My After Pictures are below, where the lighter patches can clearly be seen.


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